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Gateball Coaches have now been trained in 4 states in SE Australia.

There are 3 levels of coaches for Gateball:

A Level 1 coach is trained to work alongside beginners to develop the basic routines for stroking, sparking and sliding, to work with a captain and develop the ability to stroke, spark and slide with increasing accuracy and to a variety of lengths.

At Level 2,  a coach is working with players who are aiming to become consistent in a series of plays as part of a team aiming to compete effectively in interclub competition. 

At level 3, a coach also needs to be a referee and  has the skills to work with others to develop  a player’s strategic understanding and ability to call a game as a captain. Teams aiming to do well in higher level competition and to participate overseas should work with a Level 3 coach. 

Unlike our refereeing processes that are managed internally by Gateball Australia, coaching is managed in each state by a State Coordinator of Coaching. Arrangements in each State are to be found through the links below:

In Queensland, the latest count of coaches trained is shown on the CAQ website . There are 11 Level 2 coaches and 6 Level 1 coaches

In CNSW 8 Level 2 coaches and 6 Level 1 coaches are listed on the Gateball Coaches page.

Croquet Victoria has a dedicated coaching page which lists both its processes and the State’s 1 Level 1 and 2 Level 2 coaches.

In SA 4 Level 1 Coaches have been trained and are listed on the State’s Coaching page.

One of our Qld coaches is a part time member of a Tasmanian club, so we could claim there is half a coach there! It is hoped that a visit to WA will train some Level 1 coaches 

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  1. Please next time also arrange coaching for international coaches…to further promote and develop Gateball sports in the other countries…

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