First South Australia Gateball Competition

Woodville Croquet club hosted the first South Australian Doubles Gateball tournament on 12 June 2016 in glorious sunshine.

3 teams competed in a ‘double’ round robin format with each team playing the other two teams twice  – once with red and once with white balls.

The games were all close with the winners from Hyde Park croquet club – Barry Haydon and Barry Jennings – winning 3 of their 4 games.  The competition hinged on the last shot of game 4 with the ‘Barrys’ trailing by 2 points.  Barry Haydon played ball 7 and scored gate 3, sparked out ball 8 and hit the goal pole, winning the game by 1 point!

All in all it was a great competition and thanks go to all of the competitors.  Hope to see more of you at the next event!


Table of results

Team For Against Net Wins
Barry J / Barry H 49 -51 -2 3
Trish F / Geoff C 50 -46 4 2
Ben T / Ann H 46 -48 -2 1

3 thoughts on “First South Australia Gateball Competition

  1. Congratulations on your effort to all that participated, keep it up. Hopefully your efforts encourage others in South Australia to join in the fun. I look forward to the growth in your State so that one day, shortly, hopefully an Interstate Gateball competition “Coogee Cup” can commence on an annual basis. To bring Gateball in line with Association Croquet and Golf Croquet.

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