Epping CC awards Clare Poole Life Membership

On Sunday the 08/09/2019 at the Epping Croquet Club, Clare Poole was rewarded with a well deserved ‘Life Membership’ of the club.

Members & guests gathered to help celebrate & enjoy a delicious morning tea & to play Gateball. Croquet Clubs from EDSACC, Hurstville, Jamberoo, Lithgow, Newcastle, Strathfield & Toronto participated. With best wishes & congratulations from Canberra, Eastwood, Mosman & Sutherland Croquet Clubs.

Epping’s President, Bob Green thanked Clare for the role she played as a past President of the club & of Clare’s many achievements in both Association & Golf Croquet.

Epping member Sandra Townley spoke of Clare’s involvement with Gateball. The following is an extract from that speech.
“It all started back in 1996 when Japan wanted to introduce Gateball to western countries in the region. The then Croquet Players Association of NSW was approached & Clare along with other interested players started to learn Gateball. They did this by watching a video sent from Japan. Understanding & following that video was made difficult because the video instruction was in Japanese.

This group of players persevered & in 1998, 2 teams including Clare represented Australia at the World Gateball Championship held in Hawaii. This was the first time Australia had played in this Championship.

Clare has represented Australia at the World Gateball Championship in South Korea, Japan, China & Thailand. A true International Gateball player.

Clare has always promoted Gateball going around to different Croquet Clubs demonstrating the game. She has been a mentor to many players being very generous with her knowledge & explaining tactics. Clare has always been very supportive & those of us who benefited from her experience, appreciated it.

We can honestly say that Clare helped introduce Gateball to Australia.

In finishing Sandra quoted Clare – “when playing Gateball always remember to; Swing low, slow & with flow”.

Epping member Joy Heape then presented Clare with her ‘Life Membership’ badge.
It was an enjoyable morning catching-up with our Croquet & Gateball friends.

Once again, congratulations Clare.

Sandra Townley
Epping Croquet Club.
Duncan Park, 47 Kent Street, Epping 2121

4 thoughts on “Epping CC awards Clare Poole Life Membership

  1. Thanks for the story, Sandra.

    My memory of the “when playing Gateball always remember to; Swing low, slow & with flow”.was the words I remeber Clare saying at the end ” and halve your backswing!

  2. Thanks Epping for a great morning of Gateball and catching up with lots of friends. Congrats to Clare. Halve the back swing was a Clare message to me

  3. Hearty congratulations must go to Clare. Her achievements are remarkable. Playing three codes of Croquet, Clare has been inspiring to so many at her club. Her development and promotion of Gateball both inside and outside of her club is extraordinary. Thank you!

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