Canberra Visitors in Hong Kong

Dave Roberts from Canberra recently visited Hong Kong and was keen to have a taste of gateball at a local club. Here’s his story.

HK VisitWe took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station to Kwai Fung in the New territories. Samuel Fung (middle red check shirt) and his friend (far left blue sweater) met us at the MTR. Then we went by bus to the activities park where there are two gateball courts which are also used for junior soccer. The grass is greener and longer than Canberra so the court was slower and more bumpy.

There are more than 1000 gateball players with 11 courts around HK but then there are 7 million in Hong Kong.

Sam and the guy on the far right in a red cap are both very good players. The club president is in the centre of the photo.  More people turned up after this photo was taken.  I’m afraid to say I embarrassed the Canberra gateball standings in 3 games in HK. There were a couple of very good players. I think one of them managed to spark all the opponent’s balls off during his turn.

Anyway it was fun. The rules are slightly different as they can keep going round the hoops.** Also some of them have mallets which are only legal in China – 1 end is flat vertical as normal but the other end is sloped back which puts back spin on the ball and you can hit a ball and yours will stop or reverse.

I played three games before Josie and I had to leave and return to the hotel to go to a symphony concert. Josie plays GC croquet but has never tried Gateball so she sat out and talked to some interesting people.

It was great fun and everyone was very friendly.

Dave Roberts

** Comment from Maggi. These different rules must explain why the timers currently being sold in Australia count up to 25 for each ball!

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  1. Well done Dave and Josie. It takes courage to play in different surroundings with strangers. We should all try to fit in a game when on holidays. My husband and I have played GC in New Zealand while on hols there. Frances

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