Canberra Croquet Club damaged in hailstorm

It was forecast to be destructive and it certainly was. I visited the club around 40 minutes after the storm. The lawns were covered to 50cm with leaves and twigs from surrounding deciduous trees, battered and dead ducks sat amongst it, the clubhouse verandah had huge holes in the roof as did the entire roof of the main building.

The lawns have been significantly pock marked by hail with holes the width and depth of golf balls so will be out of play for some time.

The clubhouse roof has been very severely damaged (ie a number of holes in tiles; vast numbers of cracked tiles; painted veneer protecting tiles has been shredded), the verandah awning has been smashed; and there are a couple of broken windows.

Because of the damage to the roof there has been some seepage of moisture into the roof cavity. It is closed until further notice. The tiles, which contain asbestos-containing materials also create a health risk.

The nearby yacht club suffered major damage to windows and boats, with forty dead seagulls and all cars in the area suffered broken windscreens and dents. The hail damaged our large organic garden – shredding tomato, zucchini and pumpkin leaves. I have not heard of any member’s house damage. The storm area was extremely limited to a narrow swathe from Belconnen, through the CSIRO, ANU, Museum, Parliament House to Fyshwick.

Judy Tier
Canberra Croquet Club

9 thoughts on “Canberra Croquet Club damaged in hailstorm

  1. This is terrible news. Our thoughts are with you all. The Canberra Croquet Club was were I learnt to play gateball – but while I was there I also learned that the club itself is an exemplar of the generosity of spirit that a community-based club can have.

    Best wishes from all in Victoria.

  2. Oh dear. Sorry to hear Canberra has been hit by this after some bad smoke days recently.

    Those of us who play GB at Lithgow came through the fires OK. Several of us got out of the Blue Mountains area as advised but at least one was defending their home with a hose.

    Playing at Lithgow last Monday we can see burned hillsides all around.

    Let’s hope all clubs can get through the rest of the summer without any more climate induced disasters.

  3. So sorry to hear of all the damage you have suffered. We at Ipswich Gateball Club are all thinking of you and hope it wont be too long before you are functional again.
    Best wishes.

  4. Sorry to hear of all the damage. I am coming to Canberra at the end of Feb and was hoping to join in a game with you. Hope there is some insurance to cover to help rebuild! Frances Wregg. Brisbane.

  5. Terrible damage. All here at Newcastle are thinking about you and the work ahead of you. Hope you are all back on the greens soon.
    Best Wishes

  6. That was very destructive indeed with even roof tiles being damaged. The Canberra Croquet Club spirit will prevail and during the repair work, it will have many people assisting. Best wishes from everyone in QLD who know only too well the damage that thunderstorms can wreak. Best wishes, Barbara Northcott

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