British Gateball Championship

British OpenFrom Barbara Northcott

Well we have completed Day Two of the British Gateball Championship. With just the six teams we played another round robin of all the teams. So, again we are placed second behind the Japanese team. Some of our team were not as good as they were yesterday so we did not win by such big margins. I had to go on for Annie but I made it to the peg. My shot clinched the game on a count back.

We play in a finals group tomorrow of the four top teams, I think. Tonight is a dinner at £25 per person.

We were on TV today about midday. I had a radio and a TV interview so I was on TV. I will be able to give the link to the show later when I get better internet access. We are all trying to use this WiFi but it has limited bandwidth.

Organisation will benefit from experience and no paperwork has been required. The times are flexible. There are three Australian umpires, four from Japan and two from the international team. So sometimes there is a shuffle needed to ensure umpires are available. It has really been a ‘teaching session’ for the novice teams – Swiss, UK 1 and UK 2. It has sometimes been hard since we have needed leniency for timing of shots and other things. But it has been in good spirit for most of the time.

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