Australian Gateball Championships 2019: Winning Koreans visit Sydney for warm up games!

In 2017, Korea’s Unicorn team won the Australian Gateball Championship. They are back to defend their title at Cairnlea in 2019. Only two of the players from the original team are playing and they have renamed themselves “Join”

They were a highly skilled team and look like being so again. Their name change was explained as follows:

“I named my team “Join”. Before the gateball, my teams were all different. I went to the gateballs where they lived, and I built up friendships.
Gateball is a sport that connects balls to balls, and you can play good games only when the balls are gathered and connected. The player is the same. Only when you connect with the next player will a good game be created.

So I named it “Join”, the most suitable word for a gateball.”

They are coming to play in Sydney and the Blue Mountains before the Australian Gateball Championships in Melbourne the following weekend. Anyone interested or passing through Sydney is invited to turn up at one of the venues where the Koreans are playing.

Please contact  if you would like to play the Koreans before they head to Cairnlea. Your enquiry will be passed to the appropriate club. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

The program is listed below:

-Thursday 21st November,Epping Croquet Club 

-Friday 22nd November, Mosman Croquet Club

-Saturday 23rd November to Monday 25th November, Blue Mountains and Lithgow Croquet Club

-Tuesday 26th November, Strathfield Croquet Club 

5 thoughts on “Australian Gateball Championships 2019: Winning Koreans visit Sydney for warm up games!

  1. The S. Korean team are certainly following their concept of their name “Join” because they are joining in with the clubs in Sydney and the surrounding areas to share in the joy of playing Gateball and socialising with the local players. We will ensure that this sort of tour will occur in 2021 in QLD under Gateball Australia’s leadership!

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