Last Gateball Report from Jamberoo

This will be the last gateball report from Jamberoo Croquet Club.

Gateball has been played for over 5 years at Jamberoo but sadly the code is no longer being played. There are many reasons for this.

Jamberoo gateball has always been a dominant force in NSW. We have managed to win or take podium places in many a competition and achieved runner up at NSW State Championship. Jamberoo CC will be missed both as a competitor and a tournament host. We have run the most patronised tournament annually since Jamberoo has been playing gateball.

Our players have upskilled themselves to include 2 coaches, 1 Level 2 referee and 1 Level 1 referee. We have run refereeing clinics and coached many who have given the game a try.

Glenda and Manuel Gutierrez

Our last playing members – Manuel Gutierrez, Glenda Gutierrez, Eilis Golightly, Graham Shephard, Gai Bathe, Evan Bathe: Inset Gerry Hassett and Marilyn Benson.

Caloundra’s Masters and Apprentices Gateball Teams and Doubles Tournaments

Once again all CAQ Gateball players were invited to play at Caloundra from 14-16th November. This time it was their Annual Masters and Apprentices Competition. Following on from the State Championship in August, there were plenty of marquees available because 11 teams and 15 pairs of Doubles attended the three-day Tournament. With the support of Caloundra’s Club Members the courts were in great condition; catering was handled very speedily and efficiently; and there were no problems in keeping to the Covid Safe regulations. Many new players attended a Gateball competition for the first time so that was another good feature of the Tournament. 

The winning team was from Rockhampton. This Club won the State Championships several months earlier- albeit with a few different members. Congratulations must go to them not least because they travelled the furtherest to arrive in Caloundra. It was a very determined and committed group. In second place was Toowoomba and Moreton Bay came third.

Rockhampton wins the Caloundra Teams Competition

The Doubles Tournament was split into two Blocks. Again, there were quite a few players who were experiencing this version of Gateball for the first time and all enjoyed themselves. So many people remarked on the delightful atmosphere that existed in the Doubles Competition. There was not much time between games. One game went to a lengthy ‘shoot out’ in order to secure a winner.

The Final was between a pair with plenty of experience- The Wanderers team consisting of Peter Sweet ( Southport) and Bruce McAlister (Ipswich) – and a new combination of experienced players- Fran Buckle (Eildon) and Robyn Brown ( Caloundra). Both teams had won their respective Block so it was a close game. The experience of the Wanderers Team prevailed. Congratulations to them and a “well done” to the runners up.

Bruce McAlister and Peter Sweet receive their First Prize from Sue Dixon, the President of Caloundra MSC.

Runners up- Robyn Brown and Fran Buckle with Sue Dixon

Is this a record?

At the Caloundra Masters and Apprentices Gateball Teams Competition held Sunday 15th- Monday 16th November one of the games resulted in a draw after the normal 30 minutes game. The team called Sparks ( Lynne and Coral from Rockhampton) was playing against the team called Blue Crew ( Robyn and Kath from Capricorn Coast).

The Shoot Out was conducted and both teams scored a 100% success rate of balls passing through Gate 1. So began the sudden death round. It took until the 3rd round of sudden death that a result was obtained. It was not until #8 ball did not pass through Gate 1 that there was a result. So the Sparks Doubles team won the marathon shoot out.

L-R Sparks Team from Rockhampton (Coral and Lynne) and Blue Crew from Capricorn Coast (Kath and Robyn) in front of the scoreboard and balls at Caloundra Mallet Sports Club.

Has any other game of Gateball that you know of has required 4 rounds to obtain a winning team? We all think this is a record. As the Referee, I was getting so concerned with the delay in the schedule. These players were ‘in the zone’ and very focused. Congratulations to both pairs of Doubles on your wonderful spirit of friendship in this game and throughout the competition.

Five new level 2 Referees

At Caloundra’s Masters and Apprentices Gateball Teams and Doubles Competitions the CAQ Director of Gateball Referees, Margaret Barnard, was able to complete her assessment as to the practical knowledge of five Referees who had passed the theory exam for Level 2. As a volunteer for CAQ, Margaret ensures that providing Qualifications for Referees is an ongoing commitment available to registered members of ACA and CAQ.  Receiving their badges were the following players- Robert Roose from Pine Rivers Croquet Club and Mary-Ann Waters, Tony Waters, Warren Dowse and Emma Mauceri from Moreton Bay Gateball Club. Congratulations to all of these players.

Robert Roose

Mary -Ann Waters and Margaret Barnard

Tony Waters

Warren Dowse

Emma Mauceri and Margaret Barnard