More from the British Gateball Championship

British OpenWell our three days of Gateball are over. I am sorry to say that we came third! Not the result we wanted but it all comes down to how we play on the day. For our first round robin on Tuesday we were very sharp and played so well. Yesterday we had bad patches. Today, I think tiredness came into play plus nerves. We had to play the International Team which had three Japanese players – one was Keiichi –  and two from Switzerland. We lost both games in very tight circumstances. The young player Satoshi San is in his early 20s and did all of the damage both as a player and as captain. He can slide the ball so well and is accurate in long touches.

This team then played the Japanese team, won the first game, and lost the second. So it was down to Game 3. So close and exciting! In the last stroke it was a foul with a bad stroke that lost the game for the International Team. It was won on a count back by the Japanese team led by Mrs Nosaka who has played at Southport (and won). They had two balls through gate three but the opposition had only one.

Overall it was a great success for the local players, many of whom were beginners, who learned a great deal. There were four boys and one girl all aged between 10 and 14 who were such big improvers and so keen. Hopefully Ripon can work building this game here and spreading it to other places. They were given a great deal of equipment by WGU.

The three of us did a lot of umpiring as well as the Japanese team and the International team. It was a constant juggle to get games on. If we were playing the Japanese and the International team was playing at the same time, no other referees were available. We hope the UK and Swiss players will work on the tactics of the game and also get referees qualified.

Barbara Northcott

British Gateball Championship

British OpenFrom Barbara Northcott

Well we have completed Day Two of the British Gateball Championship. With just the six teams we played another round robin of all the teams. So, again we are placed second behind the Japanese team. Some of our team were not as good as they were yesterday so we did not win by such big margins. I had to go on for Annie but I made it to the peg. My shot clinched the game on a count back.

We play in a finals group tomorrow of the four top teams, I think. Tonight is a dinner at £25 per person.

We were on TV today about midday. I had a radio and a TV interview so I was on TV. I will be able to give the link to the show later when I get better internet access. We are all trying to use this WiFi but it has limited bandwidth.

Organisation will benefit from experience and no paperwork has been required. The times are flexible. There are three Australian umpires, four from Japan and two from the international team. So sometimes there is a shuffle needed to ensure umpires are available. It has really been a ‘teaching session’ for the novice teams – Swiss, UK 1 and UK 2. It has sometimes been hard since we have needed leniency for timing of shots and other things. But it has been in good spirit for most of the time.

Best wishes,

Queensland State Championships 2015

Canberra dominated the 2015 Queensland Gateball’s Team State Championships held at the Eildon club in mid August. The team were undefeated with 6 wins from 6 games. Broadbeach came in second with 4 wins while Southport and a composite BIBs/BEBs team both scored three wins.

Canberra have won both the Victorian and Queensland Championships this year. Are they on their way to a “grand slam” of Australian State Championships for 2015? Records on this site would indicate that this would be the first time this would ever have been achieved.

That’s a challenge!

2015 Rules Online

2015 RulesThe 2015 rules are now available electronically. So you can download to your phones, Kindles, tablets or whatever.

Some more hard copies of rule books have also arrived and will be available through State Directors. Some will also be available at the Nationals at Wynnum.

Eildon Gateball Teams Competition


The winning McIlwraith team

All day on Saturday 1st August and until mid-morning on Sunday 2nd August nine teams competed in the Eildon Gateball teams competition. It was good that Rockhampton players travelled down for these games. The weather was perfect for such an event. The games were close with one match (between Toowoomba and Southport) requiring a penalty shoot out. Up until the final games, no clear cut winner was observed.

Three teams finished with 6 wins each. After comparing the scores and the net points, the winning team was McIlwraith, Second was Toowoomba and third was Broadbeach.

Following this competition, the QLD Inter Regional Gateball Competition was held. The winning team came from players in the Brisbane South Region.


2nd place – Toowoomba


3rd place – Broadbeach