2015 NSW Championships

2015 Team winner Kew (2)

Team winners: Kew ­ Kerry Seipolt, Trish Watts, Neil & Maxine Maclachlan and Phillip Brown

The 2015 NSW Gateball Championships were held at Jamberoo Croquet Club from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 November. This year’s championships broke the 2013 records for the most teams entered­ (12), most matches played ­(114) and equalled the record for the most competitors (66).The previous records were 11 and 113. The record for the most number of pairs still stands for 2013 at 22 (18 this year).

Friday was the Doubles Championship with 3 blocks of 6 competing in round robins. The semi­finals were played with the winner of the most games in each block plus the best placed runner-­up overall. Glen Whitehead and Tony Hall, with 5 wins and 37 nett points competed against the highest ranked runners-­up, Gareth & David Hughes who had 4 wins and 42 nett points. With 5 wins and 32 nett points, Kerry Seipolt & Phillip Brown competed against Yukiko Takahashi & Akemi Moro with 4 wins and 33 nett points. The final was then played by Glen & Tony and Yukiko & Akemi. 17-11 was the final score. Congratulations to the winners Yukiko Takahashi & Akemi Moro.

The Team Championship was played over the Saturday and Sunday. All 12 teams played each other in a round robin. The top 4 placings were not clear until the final 2 games were played. Japan and Kew, Victoria who were vying for 1st and 2nd places and South East Queensland Cougars and Canberra Mavericks were to be 3rd or 4th. SEQ Cougars defeated Canberra Mavericks 19 to 12.

Japan had 10 wins going in to their final game and Kew had 9. Japan had 75 nett points to Kew’s 65 nett points so Kew needed a win of more than 5 points to be the outright winner.

With the final result of 21 to 9 congratulations go to Kew (Phillip Brown, Kerry Seipolt, Trish Watts,Maxine Maclachlan & Neil Maclachlan) for winning the 2015 Team Championship event.

2015 Team Runner-up Japan (2)

Team Runners ­up: Japan

Results can be found here

Thank you to Jamberoo Croquet Club for being a wonderful host club. Many, many thanks to all. You made our job so much easier. A huge “thank you” to Glenda for co­ordinating the Jamberoo helpers as well as the fun social night on Saturday.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves over the three days.

Don’t forget ­ 2016 NSW Gateball Championships ­ Newcastle ­ 2nd to 4th December 2016

Kerrie & Judy, Co-­chairs NSW Gateball

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