What happened next?

Geoff Crook has devised this sneaky scenario for your consideration. Let us have your answers in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below. We’ll publish the answer in about a week’s time.

When I was a lad there was a long-running quiz show on TV called “A Question of Sport”.  One of the rounds was the “What happened next” round where a video would be played and the contestants would guess, believe it or not, what happened next?

So, I thought I would expand on the scenario concept and ask not only what would you do as Red 5 in the scenario below, but also ask “What happened next” in the video which shows what I actually did………

Here’s what I did, and question 2 is “What happened next?”

9 thoughts on “What happened next?

  1. Red is comfortably ahead with 5 minutes to go, so I would have put 1 to Gate 3 to take out 2 & 4, and 7 to 8 & 10 (6 is an outball, so safe). 5 can then give 3 a bridge out – and 3 can send 5 to wherever 6 goes or regain control of Gate 2. 7 gives 9 a bridge out after it cleans up 8 & 10.

    I have no idea what happened next – 5 missing 8? Hit 8 and sparking it put 7 out? Sparked 8 out OK but accidentally hit 7 when trying to bridge it to 2? I do like the sound track! peter

  2. I haven’t watched the video yet.

    I would do the following.

    5 touches 7, sends 7 to 8.
    5 touches 1, sends 1 to bridge between 10 and Goal Pole. (Allowing7 to go 8, 10, 1, Pole.)
    5 makes the long distance attempt to finish near 9, touching 9 if possible. 9 to gate 3 if successful.

    7 touches 8, 10 sends them out. Touches 1, and sends to gate 3, 7 finishes. 9 sends 5 to gate 3, then goes to gate 3 itself.

    Ball 1 puts 5 and 9 through gate 3, then has a kamikaze attempt at Ball 4.

    I’ll edit after I watch the video…

    • I’m guessing you hit ball 5 onto the goal pole for no discernible reason.

      (Failing that, you leave 10 a nice rush ball…)

    • It’s funny i came to the same conclusion as Philip in terms of what to do. Although I would have also considered putting ball 1 with ball 9 so that it could have a better angel to spark the 1 ball closer towards the enemy white balls at gate 3.

  3. Thanks for posting this,Geoff. Looked like fun. Great to see lots of comments too.. Which came.firat, the video or the scenario?

    • Thanks John. The video was first and the main idea was the what happened next. The scenario came about mainly to show all the ball positions.

      [confession time – I stuffed up the ball positions in the scenario – Ball 6 was actually an in ball on line 1 level with gate 2 and balls 3 and 9 were swapped. This explains why Ball 5 went after 8 and 10 and put 7 to gate 3 to get Ball 2. In the game Ball 6 made Gate 2 and narrowly missed a touch on Ball 1]
      I still think the scenario is a good illustration of the various options a captain has – Peter’s solution still allows Ball 1 to make Gate 2 but the shots are harder. Philip makes certain of the 2 points for Ball 7.

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