Visit of the Korean team

Notes from my diary….

Tomorrow, our club hosts the ‘JOIN’ Korean gateball team. The lawns are ready, the weather just has to behave itself! The Mayor of Strathfield, Councillor Antoine Doueihl will be coming at 10am to ‘meet and greet’ this talented and nice team from near Busan, South Korea. At least this experience is helping me to get to know more about Korea and Koreans.  Another special guest and SCC Club member is Lucille McKenna who will be coming tomorrow, not only to volunteer but also to represent the InnerWestCouncil, as Lucille is one of their Councillors.

This increasing knowledge of Korea, which hopefully more of us will experience over time and not be confined to just Korea, can only strengthen ties between citizens of our respective countries, at least at the personal level as well as the gateball level. The connection with Korea was strongly felt by me today when I attended – coincidentally – a luncheon in honour of Korean War Veterans at Concord Hospital.  My husband (Keith) who died in 2016 was a Korean War Veteran. This function in honour of Veterans and their guests was hosted by the Consul-General of Korea, Sangwoo Hong.  Whilst I had invited the Consul-General to the SCC event he was unavailable that day and this was this next best thing. As the Consul-General pointed out, next year is particularly significant for Australian-Korean bonds as they commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Ceasefire.

Keith and I used to attend annually the Cheil Church at North Strathfield, again in honour of Korean Veterans. However, today was the first time I had a really long and pleasant discussion (over lunch) with a lady who attends that church. So at the next anniversary function I will go with the knowledge, I now know one of their parishioners, that kind Korean lady at my table, who gave our croquet club the Korean flag. She felt it had a more valuable role to play in that location, rather than being stored at her home. Its presence will add to the welcome the Korean team will feel with their flag on display tomorrow. Epping Club borrowed a Korean flag from their local Council and that gave me the idea. The flag is a significant addition to our club and a stepping stone to a closer connection. Today I also printed out a map of Korea and I wrote to Jay ( Jae-won), the son of the JOIN team’s manager who will act as interpreter tomorrow.  I asked Jay which was the closest city from which their team came. Jay said Busan (a port city in the very south).

So again this gateball experience, along with my husband’s war experience of Korea, is motivating me to really extend the hand of friendship to the Korean gateballers in a more meaningful way

Ruth Bridger
Strathfield Croquet Club



If you read the replies to articles on this site you may have noticed that one person comments regularly and that’s Surinder Singh. But who is Surinder Singh, where is he from and does he play gateball? Well the super sleuths in Gateball Australia decided to find out.

After much investigation the mystery man was found. Surinder Singh lives in Haryana in Northern India and here’s his story.

Hi. My name is Surinder Singh. I currently work as a mathematics teacher living in in Haryana India.

It is a matter of prestige for me to be associated with gateball. Gateball has brought a tremendous change in my life with lots of new experiences. It is my pleasure to share my story of how I play gateball so this might help and encourage a lot of people to play.

I play for Haryana Gateball Organisation. I play twice or thrice a week on weekends. I started playing gateball in 2010 after seeing the videos on the internet. I play in competitions in India as well as around the world. I was a runner up in Indonesia Gateball 2015. I have been to one or two international tournaments like in Indonesia and I have played a national level match. I also teach and supervise children near me playing gateball. I notice that women are less interested in playing gateball in India.

Gateball is like a fever for me. It would be a great pleasure for me to be a part of Gateball Australia and maybe one day play there.

Thank you so much Surinder for sharing your story. We look forward to seeing you in Australia one day.

Ethan Chilton is awarded an ACA Scholarship

At the ACA Meeting last month Ethan Chilton, aged 14, was awarded one of the Scholarships that are available to Croquet Players. This Gateball Scholarship will be used for Ethan to attend the Australian Gateball Championships at Cairnlea  in Melbourne from 28th November- 1st December.

Ethan began playing Gateball two years ago at Southport Croquet Club along with his Mother. His Grandfather followed soon after. His extremely polite, co-operative and intelligent personality has endeared him to everyone he meets. Ethan loves to practise and challenges himself on improving his skills. He intends qualifying to become a Referee and already has proved a very capable Team Captain.

Ethan attends Varsity College at the Gold Coast. He does not restrict himself to playing in Gateball teams. Ethan has been very successful in recent Gateball Triples events and Doubles competitions; has won the RPM Golf Croquet Doubles Tournament; is very good at Ricochet and plays in Southport’s Pennant team. Another area of sporting interest for Ethan is table tennis and he has represented his school in Table Tennis Tournaments in which he reached second place in the local schools’ competition.

Congratulations Ethan on being awarded the ACA Gateball Scholarship.

Ethan Chilton, aged 14, at the QLD Gateball Championships, 2019

Epping CC awards Clare Poole Life Membership

On Sunday the 08/09/2019 at the Epping Croquet Club, Clare Poole was rewarded with a well deserved ‘Life Membership’ of the club.

Members & guests gathered to help celebrate & enjoy a delicious morning tea & to play Gateball. Croquet Clubs from EDSACC, Hurstville, Jamberoo, Lithgow, Newcastle, Strathfield & Toronto participated. With best wishes & congratulations from Canberra, Eastwood, Mosman & Sutherland Croquet Clubs.

Epping’s President, Bob Green thanked Clare for the role she played as a past President of the club & of Clare’s many achievements in both Association & Golf Croquet.

Epping member Sandra Townley spoke of Clare’s involvement with Gateball. The following is an extract from that speech.
“It all started back in 1996 when Japan wanted to introduce Gateball to western countries in the region. The then Croquet Players Association of NSW was approached & Clare along with other interested players started to learn Gateball. They did this by watching a video sent from Japan. Understanding & following that video was made difficult because the video instruction was in Japanese.

This group of players persevered & in 1998, 2 teams including Clare represented Australia at the World Gateball Championship held in Hawaii. This was the first time Australia had played in this Championship.

Clare has represented Australia at the World Gateball Championship in South Korea, Japan, China & Thailand. A true International Gateball player.

Clare has always promoted Gateball going around to different Croquet Clubs demonstrating the game. She has been a mentor to many players being very generous with her knowledge & explaining tactics. Clare has always been very supportive & those of us who benefited from her experience, appreciated it.

We can honestly say that Clare helped introduce Gateball to Australia.

In finishing Sandra quoted Clare – “when playing Gateball always remember to; Swing low, slow & with flow”.

Epping member Joy Heape then presented Clare with her ‘Life Membership’ badge.
It was an enjoyable morning catching-up with our Croquet & Gateball friends.

Once again, congratulations Clare.

Sandra Townley
Epping Croquet Club.
Duncan Park, 47 Kent Street, Epping 2121

14 CNSW Gateballers Commit to Improvement

Players from Canberra, Lithgow, Strathfield, Epping, Toronto and Newcastle met at Strathfield for a workshop at which they looked at ways to improve their performance in competitive gateball.

The morning was spent looking at techniques that players could employ to increase the effectiveness of their practice and exploring strategic understandings necessary for higher level play

In the afternoon players used the more advanced skills card available as a download on this website under About Gateball: Tips, Strategy and Coaching . Pairs of players kept a record of where they were unable to complete a succession of skills. This enabled them to focus on areas they need to work at.

The day was supported through CNSW’s Players Pathway to Excellence Program (PPEP). Through this program players are provided with support to enable them to improve their skills and be more successful in competition.