Terang Gateball Championships 2022


It’s taken some time, but life – and gateball – in Victoria is finding it’s old rhythms again. One of the best parts of gateball in Victoria is the tradition that on the weekend before the Melbourne Cup, the friendliest and most hospitable tournament in all of gateball is held in the delightful town of Terang.

Terang itself is between Colac and Warrnambool, around two-and-a-half hours West of Melbourne. The Terang Croquet Club is just off the main road, sitting slightly downhill from the beautiful avenue which serves as the main thoroughfare of the town.

This year four teams competed in the teams contest (two from Terang, a composite South Australian team and Kew). The South Australian team was made up of members from Woodville and Mt Gambier (with an extra player from Kew for good measure).

The contest continued despite some heavy rain on the Saturday, with slightly soggy socks a small price to pay for some excellent gateball and truly extraordinary afternoon tea (another tradition of which Terang should be justly proud).

The rain didn’t affect play too much, despite the odd puddle on the field. Terang has some areas with mild flooding, but nothing like the difficulties being experienced further north in Victoria. Our thoughts are with those in and around Shepparton, and the other parts of the state more seriously afflicted.

Kew did not have all of the players who have been representing the club at recent championships and debuted two new players: Iain and Ingrid. Nevertheless, they were still a strong team and went through the teams competition undefeated, duly winning the title. The South Australian team placed second. But for a most out-of-character sparking foul in the game against Kew the positions could easily have been the other way around.

For the doubles competition on Sunday, the sun was shining and the need for sunscreen replaced the need for raincoats. The pairing of Kerry Seipolt and Elaine Coverdale proved the strongest winning all five of their games. In second place were Geoff and Trish from Woodville, who only just managed to edge out Catherine and Eric on points differential.

Congratulations and thanks to Heather and the whole Terang Croquet club for another wonderful visit.

Philip Brown

Young players take the top places in the All Japan Gateball Championships

The recent All Japan Gateball Teams Championships held in Fukuoka City from 15-16th October had 44 teams participating. Each team had to win the qualifying tournaments within their prefectures in order to progress to the National Championships. Held over two days the results were 1st- Kagawa Shoujima Shoukae Team seen in the photo below. The certificate, banner and trophy are proudly displayed by this  youthful team.

Kagawa Shoujima Shoukae Team

In second place is a team  named “E Force” that represented Mie Prefecture. The young players are the Captain’s children and their friends. What a wonderful achievement for these players who have promising future in the sport!

E Force Team from Mie


Toowoomba’s Gateball Teams and Doubles Competition

The annual Gateball Teams and Doubles Competition was held at Toowoomba  1st-3rd October. It is always a wonderful experience playing at Toowoomba’s courts. Situated close to Queen’s Park,  most of the competitors spent several hours before or after the competition to admire the gorgeous floral displays that are featured in their city’s Spring Flower Festival.

Six teams played the Teams competition on the Saturday. The  thunderstorms circled around the clubhouse late in the afternoon but by then the last round was under way. With very good food on offer for the afternoon tea, we adjourned to the Clubhouse to finish off the food and watch the presentation. Mr Burstow, whose family business of Burstow’s Funeral Care are the sponsors of the Gateball Competitions, made the presentations to the winning team which was Southport Red Team and to the second placed team- Toowoomba Royals which included two players from Eildon ( Christine and Robert Roose).

The Southport Red team was the winner of the Team’s Competition

Toowoomba’s Royal Team came second.

The Gateball Doubles Competition began on Sunday with very cold, wet weather hampering the players. All of the Doubles teams persevered and managed to complete the  games organised into 2 Blocks. The semifinal and finals were on Monday. Congratulations to the local  pair- Sandra Reynolds and Toni Sheedy- who won the Final.

Winners of the Doubles Competition- Sandra Reynolds and Toni Sheedy

Second place went to a Doubles pair from Caloundra- Howard Williams and Kath Hayes.

Howard and Kath were placed 2nd in the Doubles Competition