Elsternwick Gateball Singles Cup

The first Elsternwick Gateball Singles Invitational Cup was held last Sunday the 28th of May at the Elsternwick Croquet Club.

Despite the weather the competition was fierce between the competitors. The tournament was a single round robin between 6 Victorian players (Philip Brown, Chas Quinn, Gilon Smith, Tim Stagg, Anthony Dask and Sue Leitinger). With some top quality games and tight finishes it was exciting till the end. Anthony Dask won the cup with 4 wins (+21). Philip Brown was the runner up with 3 wins (+19).

A big thanks to the Elsternwick Croquet Club and all those who assisted in the running of the event. Results can be found on Gateball Scores.

Anthony Dask

Jamberoo Super 3s

The Jamberoo annual triples event has been run and won and what an amazing weekend it was. With the sun shining on our lawns with freshly sprayed black lines it was picture perfect.

33 players from across NSW and ACT made up nine teams and a round robin format was used. Experience levels ranged from international players to a very first competition player. In what turned out to be a very competitive event, placings weren’t decided until literally the last minute of play.

There was plenty of congestion at the top of the leader board with four teams on five wins.

Lithgow Lightning captained by John Park won with 28.1 net points and Vikings captained by Kerrie Sutherland were runners up with 24.8 net points.

As an added bonus, two rounds of mixed teams were slotted in, with team Magpies taking first place on two wins.

Two new initiatives have been implemented within the NSW gateball community, one being refereeing tutorials and the other group discussions about gateballl related topics.

Friday saw the third refereeing tutorial given by Manuel Gutierrez from Jamberoo CC. This events topic was ‘ball touch fouls’. A practical demonstration was followed by plenty of Q and A. These tutorials are aimed at refreshing and increasing all referees’ and players’ knowledge.

Saturday saw the group discussion which covered topics including NSW State Championship planning, tournament placements for 2018 and the necessity of equipment inspections.

Glenda Gutierrez

Gateball Puzzle #3

Thanks to Bernard Thys from Belgium who submitted gateball puzzle #3 which poses the question of how red should address their slow start.

Readers should leave a reply in the comments.

Gateball Puzzle #3:
5 to play. 5 is ready to pass through gate 1.
The score is 0-2 with 28:30 remaining in the match.
What should 5 do on it’s turn?



Previous gateball puzzles are available at the links below:
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Gateball puzzle #1 also included information on the format of the puzzle and outlined how you can submit your own puzzle.

Deception Bay Darts Club learns about gateball

Redcliffe Gateball club are trying to develop a new Gateball club at the old Deception Bay Bowls Club.

Wednesday 17/5/17 was our first night at the club. We intend to play from 5.30pm until 8.30pm each week to develop a new Gateball club.

We  had 13 of our members  demonstrate and coach  the local Darts club .

The darts club is a community  centre and they are trying to develop different sports in the area at the bowls club.

For any further information please contact GEOFF MORRIS

Rockhampton Gateball Competition

After an exciting round robin of 6 teams (Rockhampton x 2, Toowoomba, Ipswich, and 2 combined teams (MacCCIG and SouthBrie ), the SouthBrie team finished winner with 4 wins and only one loss but with few net points.  In the team were Keith McLeod, Dianne and Peter Sweet from Southport, Paul Ekberg from East Brisbane and Joy Rule from Bribie Island.

SouthBrie had to endure an agonising final game between Ipswich and Toowoomba before their victory was achieved. Toowoomba had 3 wins but quite a few net points so, had they defeated Ipswich, they would have clinched first place. Right at the end of the game, the scores were level. Adele Stokes sparked a ball to agari and gave Ipswich the win.

The weather was perfect and the courts, with painted lines, were superb.  The catering was excellent and the overall hospitality of the Rocky Club was as usual at a high standard.

(Photo supplied by Paul Ekberg and the comments abridged from Keith McLeod’s report)

SouthBrie Team L-R Paul Ekberg, Peter Sweet, Keith McLeod, Cheryl Kele from Rockhampton, Dianne Sweet and Joy Rule

SouthBrie Team L-R Paul Ekberg, Peter Sweet, Keith McLeod, Cheryl Kele from Rockhampton, Dianne Sweet and Joy Rule