Jamberoo Triples 2015


The Jamberoo Gateball triples were held on 23-24 May with 9 triples competing.

Results are available at http://croquetscores.com/2015/ac/jamberoo-gateball-triples/triple

imageimage imageCongratulations to Glen, Kristina and Bryan from Canberra for winning the tournament with Josh, David and Jennny from Wagga Wagga finishing in second place. Players looked forward to returning to Jamberoo in November for the NSW Championships.

Thanks to Roger Evans and Kristina Whitehead for the photos.


The tournament was opened by Jamberoo club president, Russell Fredericks.



Gateball in Hong Kong

We recently visited Hong Kong and made contact with Mrs Catherina Lau and Mr Lai Huck Son, representatives of the Hong Kong China Gateball Association (HKCGBA).  Keith has known Mrs Lau and Mr Lai for many years.

The HKCGBA arranged for Mr Lai to meet us at our hotel on the morning of 6 May.  We then proceeded to a sporting complex near Mong Kok where two GB courts were ready for play.

The Morning Games

Within the sporting complex, two courts with shelter sheds (but no clubhouse) were enclosed with a fence.  The court surface was grass, but rather long and rough by our standards.  A tape was used for the court boundary.

There were about 25 players.  Keith played 4 games and in each game Keith was asked to take the first ball of the team.  Fortunately, Keith managed Gate 1 every time but then found the long grass a challenge.  Whenever Keith’s ball was touched by an opponent ball, rather than making Keith’s ball an out-ball, the opponent player simply sparked Keith’s ball to near the court boundary.  We believe that this was probably an oriental sign of politeness to the guest.

We were welcomed warmly by all players.  Many were interested to learn about GB in Australia.


We were then taken to a traditional Cantonese Yum Cha lunch.  Attending were Mr Lai, Mrs Lau and four other GB players.  We attempted to assist with the bill, but were told that we were their guests.  On leaving, we presented Mrs Lau and Mr Lai with Australian souvenir gifts and the others with Aussie badges,

The Afternoon Games

In the afternoon, we were taken to an indoor sports centre.  On arrival, most of the indoor area was taken up with badminton games.  However, an area was set aside for two GB courts and specially designed gates and goalpoles were taped to floor.

The balls used were special balls with a surface of small flexible protrusions.  This design allows for the balls to be held under the foot for sparking on a slippery wooden floor.  They work well, but it takes some time to become competent because these balls react quite differently to the standard balls.  For example, sparking requires additional attention to getting the actual balls touching (not just the little spikes!).  Also, as the ball slows after a stroke, it will curve slightly left or right.  So a gentle touch is really difficult.  Keith had difficulty, but the regular players seemed to cope well.

We were made most welcome and were extended genuine hospitality not only by Mrs Lau and Mr Lai, but also by all the Hong Kong players.  We had a most enjoyable day.

Hopefully, Hong Kong will send a team to the 2015 Australian Championship.

Keith and Val McLeod

2015 Rule Books

2015 Rule Books2015 Rule Books have arrived in Australia. A limited number will shortly be sent to each state. Please let your State Director know if you wish to purchase one – we will have to print some more and need to know how many. Be warned that this may take a while.

Gateball Triples at Southport, QLD

Winners- The Three Amigos L-R: Christopher Wentworth, Lee Wentworth and Jim Northcott

Winners- The Three Amigos
L-R: Christopher Wentworth, Lee Wentworth and Jim Northcott

Despite the terrible weather in previous days, the Sunday was clear and sunny. Our lawns dry out very quickly because they are sand based. Although the chosen date of 3rd May did not suit all clubs, the Gateball Triples event was a very good success. Six teams entered the competition. Players came from each of the croquet clubs of Broadbeach, Tamborine Mt. and Ipswich along with those from Southport. There was a lovely sausage sizzle at lunchtime and plenty of tasty treats for the morning and afternoon teas.

The winning team, called “The Three Amigos”, consisted of Chris and Lee Wentworth and Jim Northcott from Southport. They won all 5 of their games and were very high scoring in all them. It is a wonderful result since Chris and Lee were part of the team that won last year. Second placed was Southport White, which included Bruce McAlister, Julia Vickers and Beryl Phillips. Congratulations! Every had a good time and it was a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. Another fine effort by Southport in hosting a good competition.

Southport Triples 2015b

The Runners Up. L-R: Julia Vickers from Southport, Bruce McAlister from Ipswich and Beryl Phillips from Southport

Now we look forward to good weather again for our Mallet Sports on the Broadwater held at the end of June.


Broadbeach Invitation Day

Players ready to be asigned to teams

Players ready to be assigned to teams

Every year, the Broadbeach Croquet Club invites players from other gateball-playing clubs in the Gold Coast Tweed region to participate in a day of gateball fun and friendship.

Sunday April 26 was the Invitation Day this year and eight Broadbeach players greeted three players from Tamborine Mountain and five from Southport. Club President Merle Neate welcomed the visitors and Keith McLeod (Vice-Captain, Gateball) introduced the day’s programme.  Each player was issued with a score sheet to record the score of their team/doubles in the games played. At the conclusion of the games, the scores were totalled and divided by the number of games played to get an aggregate.  Comparing the aggregates then determined the winning order.

Two courts were set: one for a teams game and the other for a doubles game.

Fran Pooley was in charge of the games and ensured that all players would get plenty of games, some teams and some doubles.

Merle and helpers put on the usual Broadbeach high standard catering for morning and afternoon tea and lunch.

At the end of the day during afternoon tea, the winning order and prizes were announced:

1st   Fran Pooley   ($100 gift voucher from 10Ants Jewellery)
2nd  Julia Vickers  ($50 gift voucher from Dear Friends restaurant)
3rd   Ray Noetzel  (Gift voucher for dinner for 2 at the Broadbeach Bowls Club)

Other prizes included gift vouchers for $32 from the Surf Parade Hair Salon, a gift voucher for $20 from Metro Coffee and many vouchers for a free coffee from Lolas restaurant.  Everyone went home with a prize!