Tamborine Mountain Mallet Sports Club – 2014 Gateball Singles

The Tamborine Mountain Gateball Singles were held over the weekend of the 15th – 16th March at the Tamborine Mountain home ground.  Eight players registered for the event, including two junior players, Chris and David.

The event was a round robin format following a random draw.  The weather was fine and not too hot. As you can see from the photo it was a great day on the mountain.  The courts are still recovering from some problems but were in a very playable condition.


All games were interesting with various strategies being used.  There were some very close games; the first game had to be decided by a shootout, as did the third.  Both shootouts involved Gareth.  Other games resulted in a mix of results; some close and some with a considerable margin.

There were many very accurate touches and some quite incredible misses.  Would you believe that a ball passed between the red ball and the leg of the gate without touching either!


During the two days of play there were five games that resulted in a perfect score and another six games with scores between 20 and 24.

Notably, four of the five perfect scores were obtained by the two youngest players, Chris and David.  The fifth was Gareth.  There were also some unexpected results.


I believe that all participants enjoyed the weekend and that the observers saw some interesting Gateball.

The eventual winner was Herman Bekker with 7 wins from 7 games.  The runner-up was Gareth Hughes with 5 wins.  Chris also had 5 wins but Gareth had a higher net points score.

Full results are available on croquetscores.


Herman and Gareth with Margaret Barnard, the tournament Referee.

6Gareth7HermanPeter                                             Report by Peter Quaife, Gateball Captain, Tamborine Mountain Mallet Sports Club Inc.