Suzuki Cup Report

The penultimate round of the QTGC was held at the Toowoomba Croquet Club over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of October 2013. Six teams enjoyed the rather warm weather along with the entertaining gameplay.

Tamborine Mountain Raptors managed to proceed through the event without loss to win the tournament. Hosts Toowoomba picked up second place with the Redbacks rounding out the top three.

After taking the eligible rounds for the QTGC into account and compiling them with the running totals, Tamborine Mountain Raptors continue to lead the Championship with a percentage rating of 81.82%. Ipswich Maroon hold down second place with Eildon in third.

The final Round of the QTGC will be held at the Caloundra “Masters and Apprentices” tournament over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of November 2013.

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Program Change for Gateball Segment on the “Totally Wild”

Because of the decision to move the “Totally Wild’ show from Channel 10 to Channel 1, the scheduled date and time of the gateball segment was changed. Channel 10 have apologised for the inconvenience and the lack of prior notification.

The time to watch for the gateball segment is 8:00a.m. on Monday, 18th November on Channel 11. Gateball will be featured on the 2nd story of the day and shown just before the first advertisement break.

No repeats will occur so to watch it online go to the link below