Tips, strategy and coaching

Accredited Gateball level 1 coaches for each state are as follows:

Queensland click here

New South Wales and Canberra click here

Victoria click here

South Australia Barry Haydon, Leah O’Neill, Robert O’Neill, Graeme Thomas.

A Level 1 Foundation Coach course is in place. The qualification requires endorsement in at least one discipline, Gateball has been included alongside more traditional mallet sports.

The level 1 course has two important prerequisites. Firstly, potential coaches must undertake the CCGP (Community Coach General Principles) course which is available free on the Australian Sports Commission website. The second requirement for Gateball coaches is to complete the basic skills card. This can be can be downloaded here

Once you have completed the skills card and the online course, contact your State GB Coordinator or email .

Basic skills cards are designed to be a useful tool for both player and coach. They are “owned” by the player but can be used as a goal or motivation for player improvement at the basic levels. In addition they will be closely linked to coach training.

Ideas for Level 2 and 3 have been drafted and are available from these links:
Level 2

Level 3

Useful ideas for a core for all mallet sports for Level 2+ can be found on the SportAus website here

Handy information pamphlets prepared by Keith McLeod are also available for download:

Aussie Gateball 
Practice Routines 
Sparking Tips 


A really usefull app to allow players to consider strategy is available on the Gateball.Asia website