Congratulations to 3 Rockhampton Coaches

Two coaches from Rockhampton were provided training by Lynda Davis, Jim and Barbara Northcott to be re certified as Level 1 and Level 2 Gateball Coaches. They are Lynne Farry and Mary Jones.

Level 2 Coaches- Mary Jones and Lynne Farry

Another member of the Club- Cheryl Kele- received training and is now a Level 1 Gateball Coach. Congratulations to all three members of Rockhampton Mallet Sports Club on achieving these qualifications. Their volunteer work within the Club will be of great benefit to all members or prospective members.

L-R Mary Jones, Cheryl Kele and Lynne Farry

Rockhampton Gateball Teams and Doubles Tournament, 15-17th May

It was really heartening to the Rockhampton Mallet Sports Club to have 9 teams attending their annual Gateball Teams Tournament 15th-17th May. Two teams represented the local Club- Rocky White and Rocky Blue. Two teams from Capricorn Coast played in the event. Southport Croquet Club also had two teams playing but one team was a composite with two Bribie Island players included in the  S’Port Bribie team. The 3 other teams were from Moreton Bay, Pine Rivers and  a composite team that included players from Caloundra and Eildon Clubs- named ‘Caldons’.

Members of 9 teams gathered in Rockhampton

Everything ran smoothly with the courts very carefully marked out.The weather was very good as is to be expected at that time of the year. The team competition was organised on a Round Robin Basis. By midday on Sunday the results were calculated. Three teams each won 6 games- Rocky Blue, Rocky White and Caldons. The final positions were decided by the Net Points Difference. Congratulations to Rocky Blue for winning the Tournament! In 2nd place was Caldons and 3rd place was Rocky White.

Rocky Blue won the Rockhampton Gateball Team Championships. The Club’s President, Linda MacPherson, presented the Trophy.

In 2nd place was the team comprising of players from Caloundra and Eildon Clubs. Wearing colourful shirts, the Caldons team set high sartorial standards.

The local Club was in fine form obviously after the results of the Teams Tournament was revealed. The Gateball Doubles Competition involved 7 teams in Block A and 7 teams in Block B. Many of the Doubles were locals. But once again the Final was won by a local pair- Robyn Lyons and John  Dargel. Congratulation to this pair named the ‘Rocky Rebels’. It was an exciting game. They defeated the team called ‘Strangers’ which consisted of 2 players who had never played together previously. They were Robert Roose from Eildon and Peter Kajewski from Gracemere.

Rocky Rebels team ( Robyn Lyons and John Dargel) with Cheryl Kele, the Tournament Manager

In 2nd place was the Strangers team. Robert Roose from Eildon Club and Peter Kajewski from Gracemere Club

Congratulations to Rockhampton Mallet Sports Club for hosting such a successful Tournament after 12 months of no competition in the Region. Their teams were very successful as were their Doubles pairs.

Southport Gateball Triples

On Sunday 11th April, Southport Croquet Club hosted their annual Gateball Triples Competition. Begun in 2012, the game of triples has gained quite a deal of interest and popularity. Several players  were new to playing in a Gateball Triples competition and coped very well in this very friendly atmosphere. Placed in two Blocks there were 12 teams competing at this event. It makes for a colourful sight when the players in their chosen colours are spread around the 4 courts.

All the players are assembled.

Most of the competitors were within a 1 and a half hour hour trip apart from Lynda Davis who came from Bribie Island. It was a long journey for Cheryl and Steve Kele to come from Rockhampton but they made the trip a day or so earlier so they could form a team with their son, Chris, from McIlwraith CC in Brisbane.

Steve and Cheryl Kele in green and gold colours are officiating in this game.

The placings in Block A was down to the final game. The Sweeties ( Dianne and Peter Sweet and Margaret Fitzgerald) were hoping to win to progress to the Final but lost to the Eildon Tartan team. So, the composite Broadbeach team comprising Margaret and Barrie Barnard from Broadbeach and Kathie Grant from Southport were placed  on the top of Block A.  Block B was won by the Bright Sparks team which contained 4 players from Southport- Donna and Robert Nicholson, Jim and Barbara Northcott.

The Final was a good game to the Broadbeach team which won 19-8. Congratulations must go to the Broadbeach Team for a very controlled game.

Broadbeach Team- Kathie Grant, Barrie and Margaret Barnard

Thank you to all the competitors for their obvious pleasure at being able to play Gateball considering the many countries that cannot do this yet and for ensuring that everyone had a wonderful autumn day of Triples Gateball at Southport Croquet Club.

The Bright Sparks Team wearing Red

Victorian State Gateball Championship

The Victorian state gateball championships were a great tournament this year despite not being able to hold the tournament the year prior due to the pandemic. Teams contesting for the title of Vic state champions were Essendon, Kew, Hazelbrook/Strathfield and Albury/Yarrawonga.

The weather was on our side after a little drizzle during the first game of the round robin. In true Melbourne fashion though we went from wet weather clothing to shorts and polo shirts within 20 min as the sun came out. The games were all played to an extremely high standard and were wonderful to spectate.  A huge thanks to all those who assisted as referees during the event.

The teams event came down to an all-Victorian final of Kew vs Essendon. Kew managed to come out on top after a hard fought final and retain their state title for another year, making this the third year in a row that they have won the championship.










The pairs event was similarly an exciting affair to spectate with all pairs competing to an extremely high standard. The final came down to Philip and Clare from Vic and Penny and John from NSW who had a very exciting match indeed. The match was action packed until the end and is available to watch at your leisure here

The event was a huge success with the championship being held in a local Melbourne club for the first time in some years. Many thanks to the Elsternwick Croquet Club for hosting the event and for arranging lunch for the competitors on both days.

Anthony Dask
Assistant Director of Gateball Victoria
President Elsternwick Croquet Club Victoria 




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McIlwraith Gateball Challenge 2021

Hooray! Gateball Competition in Queensland is off and running with the usual Gateball Challenge that was held at McIlwraith Club in Brisbane 13-14th March. One year ago this event was the first of many to be cancelled.

There were 9 teams that entered from various Clubs – some were composite teams – while 3 teams from Southport Club were participating.  The courts were in very good playing condition and carefully set out. The weather was quite hot so plenty of hydration was required. The members of McIlwraith provided nutritious, delicious morning and afternoon teas.

Wonderful surface to the courts and the picturesque club house behind.

The participants came from far and wide- Central QLD players from Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast – and locally based players plus Margo, Andrew and Peter who came from Canberra.  There were quite a few players competing in a Gateball Competiton for the first time. The oldest player was Trudy Cummins aged 93. The youngest was Angelina Carling aged 13 from Moreton Bay Gateball Club.

Youngest player Angelina Carling, aged 13, playing for Moreton Bay Gateball Club

Oldest player Trudy Cummins, aged 93, plays for Southport White

By lunchtime on Sunday the closely-fought team competition was concluded. The winning team once again was Southport Red who had the same number of wins as the local composite team called MacRocks but had scored many more gates (35 – 8). MacRocks was a combination of McIlwraith players and Rockhampton players. In third place was the Southport White team that won on a countback of gates (8 – 4) from the Woody Pointers team. Southport  won this event for the 4th time.

Southport Red Team with the Captain, Lee Wentworth, holding the unique Trophy.

The Doubles Competition involved 12 pairs of players in 3 Blocks. The semi finals were family oriented. One court had Kathie Grant and Cheryl Kele playing against Steve and Chris Kele ( Cheryl’s husband and son). The other semi final was Lee Wentworth and Ethan Chilton playing against Julia Tai (Ethan’s Mother) and Barbara Northcott.

Steve and Chris Kele won their semi final (17-7) and so played Julia Tai and Barbara Northcott who won their semi final. (18-7) It was a very exciting game with quite a few people closely watching the game. Close to full time, Julia Tai concluded the game by scoring three “agaris”. It was a perfect game score of 25 to the opposition’s score of 10.

Alan Beeson presented the prize money to Barbara Northcott and Julia Tai

McIlwraith Club members are to be congratulated on their dedicated work to ensure this Challenge went ahead so smoothly. Thank you to  the wonderful people who do the often neglected behind the scenes tasks- eg. the setting up of the Covid Security system; entering the data on the computer ; cooking the food ; arranging the morning and afternoon teas and cleaning up afterwards; court markings; erecting the marquee ; setting up the tables and chairs etc.

Some interesting photos below.

Chris Kele, Cheryl Kele and Steve Kele in the back row. Kathie Grant at the front.

Keith Chur-Hansen completes his Referee Records for his re-accreditation

(Thanks to Frances Wregg for photos)