Last Gateball Report from Jamberoo

This will be the last gateball report from Jamberoo Croquet Club.

Gateball has been played for over 5 years at Jamberoo but sadly the code is no longer being played. There are many reasons for this.

Jamberoo gateball has always been a dominant force in NSW. We have managed to win or take podium places in many a competition and achieved runner up at NSW State Championship. Jamberoo CC will be missed both as a competitor and a tournament host. We have run the most patronised tournament annually since Jamberoo has been playing gateball.

Our players have upskilled themselves to include 2 coaches, 1 Level 2 referee and 1 Level 1 referee. We have run refereeing clinics and coached many who have given the game a try.

Glenda and Manuel Gutierrez

Our last playing members – Manuel Gutierrez, Glenda Gutierrez, Eilis Golightly, Graham Shephard, Gai Bathe, Evan Bathe: Inset Gerry Hassett and Marilyn Benson.

15 thoughts on “Last Gateball Report from Jamberoo

  1. Sorry to hear this but sooner or later we all move on. Have great memories of playing there and the great company from lovely people. Good luck with your future endeavours.
    Gareth and David

  2. Sad day indeed. I have always looked forward to playing down there as it was extremely well run and great fun. Good luck to all in the future and I hope to run into around the traps.
    Helen and the Toronto mob

  3. Also sorry to hear this – love playing at Jamberoo. Does this mean there is a lot of cow merchandise going cheap? peter & Canberra

  4. Always enjoyed playing against and at Jamberoo. You certainly made an positive impact in the Gateball community and will be missed. All the best for your next adventure, best wishes, Maxine

  5. To Glenda, Manuel, the Jamberoo Gateball Team and Club,
    I’m sorry to hear that you will not be continuing with Gateball. I was lucky to be able to attend your Gateball Tournaments. You and the team were/are very generous hosts. Your Tournaments, were great fun, very enjoyable and it was a pleasure to spend the weekend in the south coast surrounded by people who enjoyed Gateball.
    Thank you, for Refereeing the major NSW Tournaments and for your dedication to Gateball. You and your Tournaments will be missed.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Take care, Sandra (Epping Gateball)

  6. Thank you for your support of new players to gateball. You will be missed, but I have no doubt you will be a significant force in GC. Best wishes.

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