Australian Gateball Championships

The Shen Yang team from China won last weekend’s Australian Gateball Championship after two days of intense play. 
Both Kew and Shen Yang had emerged from Block B. Kew had won all their games in the pool and were clear winners. Shen Yang’s run to the semis was much tighter. Along with Woodville’s International Friends and the Hunter Allsorts they had won 4 out of 7 games with losses to Kew, Multimacs and Woodville International Friends. They just made it to the semis by one point over Woodville.
In Block A, Join Korea registered 7 wins but with one loss to Southport White. 3 other teams, Canberra, Southport White and Hu Nan, all achieved 6 wins. Hu Nan had a clear advantage of 30 points and so progressed to the semis.
The semis saw improved performances from both Chinese teams. Shen Yang defeated the Korean team, Join, by a sizeable margin while previously dominant Kew relied on a count back to win against Hu Nan. A very heavy shower during the semis on a cold Melbourne day may have dampened the momentum of the two block winners.
As a result the final took place between the winner and runner up from Block B. Kew battled valiantly to become the third Australian team to win an Australain Gateball Championship but lost control of the game which saw Shen Yang win through.

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The competition was held in great spirit, with many competitors remarking on the friendly nature of the event. Saturday evening’s BBQ was well attended and overseas players were all given small gifts as a token of appreciation for their having made the effort to come to the 10th Australian Championship. Quiz sheets kept players racking their brains while they awaited their turn to line up for their meals

At the close of the event, ACA Deputy Chair, Jim Nicolls presented trophies and thanked players and organisers. The event program reminded participants that Gateball Australia’s first State Championships would be held in Victoria on the weekend of the 27th to 29th March.
John Park
National Coordinator – Gateball Australia

5 thoughts on “Australian Gateball Championships

  1. I along with the rest of the Pine Rivers Team had a great time (except for the bloody weather) the competition was played in a friendly although competitive manner, we as a small gateball club learnt a lot about strategy during the competition and I personally learnt that captaining a side is not as easy as I though it was ! but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to have another go.
    Robert Roose
    Pine Rivers Croquet Club.

    • The weather will be what the weather will be in Melbourne… Trouble is that by the time the weather is reliably not raining, it’s also pretty reliably 35 degrees plus.

      Captaining is hard and you never stop learning about it.

      I’m very glad Pine Rivers enjoyed themselves. Hopefully will have you back in Melbourne some-time soon.

  2. Australian Gateball Championships!
    The Korean Join team had a great experience in Australia.

    Our team had a number of incidents before this competition.
    In August, one player was absent, making it difficult to find a replacement.
    And I only had two exercises with the new member.
    In addition, one week before departure, one of our members was admitted to the hospital, and our team had to make a strategic decision.
    He was an important part of my team, so I and my team even thought about giving up on Australia.

    This was because it was hard to travel to Australia with two members who had been practicing for one year.
    In fact, my team had a lot of conflict before leaving the country a week before the departure.
    But for a month-long schedule with John Parker, I decided to travel to Australia.
    We had a hard time challenging the Australian championship with a hurried team, but thank you for completing this long Australian event.

    Thank you to everyone in Australia for the 29,30 and 1 day competitions.
    Thank you and sukja from Korea Join Team.

    • Thank you very much.

      For a team having as many difficulties as you suggest, Join played exceptionally well. Thank you very much for coming to our tournament and sharing your knowledge about Gateball.

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