Queensland Competition Results

Lynne Farry reports on

Queen’s Birthday Weekend Rocky Teams Competition 

“We had a great weekend. Good weather, excellent gateball, and a good time had by all. Eight teams competed in the Rocky tournament with Snoopy (Ipswich Gateball Club) winning and Odd Bods (a composite team of Keith McLeod, Beryl/John Holmes, Liz Kent, and Paul Ekeberg) runners up.”









Queensland Doubles Competition

“In CAQ State Doubles there were 15 sets of doubles. Block A had 8, and Block B, 7. Block A winners played runner-up Block B. The 2 of Us defeated GBs 10-9. Block B winner played runner-up Block A. The Holmes played the Northcotts. The Holmes won 15-8. The Northcotts played GBs (Greg Featherstone, Bruce) the Northcotts won 16-10. Northcotts overall 3rd. The 2 of Us (Sandra Reynolds, Jan Wells) played the Holmes. Score 11 all. The 2 of Us won as they had an agari. Brilliant game.”

The 2 of Us

The 2 of Us

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