2017 Australian Gateball Championship – Team List

Australian Championships 2017 - Logo_FINAL
Entries have closed for the 2017 Australian Gateball Championship.

154 players have nominated in the 24 teams listed below.Teams will be allocated into 3 blocks with the blocks to be announced on https://gateball.com.au/ at 8pm AEST on Thursday 14 September.

International Teams
Zheng Bang, Jianxi, China
ShuangShuang Le, China
Unicorn Club, Korea
Jasmine, Indonesia

New South Wales
Newcastle Sabres
Newcastle Hornets
Toronto Torpedos
Lithgow Lightning
Canberra Mavericks
Canberra Sparkers

Southport Red
Southport White
Ipswich Snoopys
Redcliffe Roses
Blue Macs


South Australia

June Long Weekend Gateball Promotion in Adelaide

Adelaide Trip 9th – 11th June

From the 9th to the 11th of June, I visited Adelaide in South Australia in an attempt to teach, promote, and generate interest in the game of gateball. Across the three days when I was in South Australia, 3 different croquet clubs were visited, Woodville, Hyde Park and North Adelaide. Over the three days, approximately 30 – 40 people gave gateball a try, many of whom were croquet players, including Australia’s current No. 1 golf croquet player, Greg Fletcher. The players’ ages ranged from as low as 9, to people in their 70s.

Immediately, those who tried gateball noticed there were many different skills involved when comparing it to croquet; the main one being sparking. Although at first most people found the game a challenge, by the end of the sessions all seemed to have gained a much more thorough understanding of the game. For those who had previously played and had an understanding of the game, there were also strategic elements and teachings which were incorporated into the introductory sessions.

Overall, the entire weekend went smoothly and was very enjoyable for myself, as well as those who were new to the game, with many expressing interest in playing again. I would like to thank Geoff, Trish, Peter, and Chris, who were my hosts and welcomed me with open arms, and also John Park for allowing me to travel to South Australia on behalf of Gateball Australia in an attempt to develop and increase the interest of gateball in their great state.

For those interested in playing gateball in South Australia, please contact Geoff and Trish at trishfaz@hotmail.com

David Hughes

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125 South Australians Give Gateball a Go

5 Adelaide Croquet Clubs gave Gateball and visitors John and Penny Park a warm welcome from the 5th to the 8th January in typical South Australian New Year weather.

The week started with a 6pm session at the Hyde Park Club. 8am and 6pm sessions were scheduled at Holdfast Bay, Woodville and North Adelaide clubs to avoid the heat of the afternoons.

The program was well coordinated by Hyde Park’s Barry Haydon and a story in the Adelaide Advertiser drove attendance ever higher. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/messenger/sport/gateball-croquets-t20-to-be-played-at-5-adelaide-clubs/news-story/bae85cc7764fbbd299b31ec0cb7afb1f

By the final session on Friday, approximately 40 people arrived at Brighton Croquet Club to participate. A number of these were people new to mallet sports, who were happy to play any code they were presented with. The local club arranged a Golf Croquet session for these people. 30 people were introduced to Gateball on 3 courts by John, Penny and Barry.

Local ABC attended some sessions and a report headed the sports news on ABC SA’s 7pm News. A report was also posted on the ABC News Website.

A proposed mini competition was to be held on Sunday at SACA HQ, but South Australia’s hot weather policy halts play when temperatures of 38 degrees are forecast. It is hoped this can be rescheduled to 8am on Monday at Hyde Park CC.

We are seeking a local volunteer to take responsibility for promoting Gateball in SA. A set of ACA gear for short term loan will also be left with a local club.

Visits from interstate Gateballers would be a great support.  So, if you are planning to visit Adelaide on holiday, or to see family or friends and have time to call in and assist at a club starting to play GB, email info@gateball.com.au for contact details.

Gateball TV

The Japanese Gateball Union has launched Gateball TV http://gateball.tv/. Gateball TV is a new portal for viewing gateball matches online.

Gateball TV provides a step-up in the number of matches available to view online and is a useful resource for comparing tactics, techniques and overseas playing conditions. Video from all 119 matches in the featured competition are currently available. It is expected the site will continue to be updated for future competitions, The website is in Japanese but is easy to navigate as outlined below.

Guide to Gateball TV

Home page
The home page includes (1) a link to videos of the 119 tournament matches and (2) a summary video of the featured tournament.


Competition matches
After clicking on the link to the tournament matches users can navigate through and view individual games. To watch a match click on the button (D) below the score. Matches are divided into first round blocks (A), second round blocks (B) and the knockout rounds (C) which determined the tournament winner.


Of interest to Australian readers will be that more Japanese players are transitioning to the between the legs, croquet style, which was first introduced to gateball by Australian players and has been adopted with great success by other countries including the current world champions from China.

Gateball Scores

gateball Scores



Scores from the Caloundra Gateball Tournament [Teams & Doubles] are recorded on the Gateballscores website and you can view these and other results here.

It would be appreciated when clubs hold a gateball competition that the Gateballscores website is utilised. In this way gateball players from anywhere in the world can view the results.

By using Gateballscores it alleviates the creating, setting up and producing a scorecard grid result sheet, thus allowing people to save time and effort.

Our appreciation goes to Tim Murphy for setting up this valuable utility for gateball players to use.


Bruce McAlister
Gateball Director, Queensland