Ipswich Gateball Challenge

On the 1st & 2nd June Ipswich Gateball Club held our annual competition.  

Ipswich was in second place

We had a very successful event and once again had a maximum of 10 teams competing.   This enabled us to have two full days of team competition.  Our grounds are very fast as we play at the local North Ipswich Bowls Club.  This always proves to be a challenge for a lot of our players especially if it is their first experience with a bowls club surface.  

We are a small club and it was a pleasure to welcome  so many teams and have the club house filled with happy gateballers.  We thank them all for their support.

The winning team this year was Redcliffe Roses with 7 wins out of 9 and we congratulate them on a fine effort.  Coming in second place was our own Ipswich Team again with 7 wins.  Our patron Cheryl  Bromage presented the awards to both teams.  All teams achieved at least one win each.

We usually try to do things a little differently in Ipswich and attempt to make our events all inclusive and this proves to be a successful formula.  Each year we give an encouragement award or mystery prize.  This is our way of saying thank you to the many teams competing, because without them we wouldn’t be able to hold such a successful event.  This year we had five young players across the teams.  Most of these young people have not been playing long, so we decided to divide our encouragement award between them.  We hope that they will continue to enjoy the game as they become more proficient.

Our thanks as always must go to our volunteers who do such a magnificent  job of catering for us over the two days.  We also thank all teams for competing and helping to make the competition the success that  it was.

Redcliffe Roses was in First place

Recognition of Referee Qualification

Despite having achieved her Level 2 Referee qualifications last year, circumstances have prevented Jill Gwynne from receiving her official recognition. Last weekend at Ipswich’s Gateball Challenge Tournament Margaret Barnard, QLD Director of Gateball Refereeing, presented Jill from Toowoomba Croquet Club with her badge. Congratulations Jill! Your effort to attain this Referee qualification is inspiring more people – not just from your club- to apply themselves to learning the rules of the game and then demonstrating their knowledge in refereeing Gateball games.

Margaret Barnard, QLD Director of Gateball Refereeing presenting Jill Gwynne from Toowoomba CC with her Level 2 Referee badge.

Junior Players at Ipswich Gateball Challenge

At the Ipswich Gateball Challenge 1-2 June 2019 there were five Junior Players. This increase in junior players is a very welcome development. With good coaching to develop the mastery of the many skills in Gateball and the careful nurturing of potential in the tactical aspects of the game, QLD will improve in its performance against all teams- local and international.

Five Junior Players- L-R Ethan (Southport) Lucas (Redcliffe), Crystal, Angealiqa (Deception Bay) and Grayce (Pine Rivers)

Success in Referee Exam

Congratulations to three people who successfully passed their Level 2 Referee Exam in Rockhampton on 4th May. They are Lyn Christensen and Kath Hayes from Capricorn Coast and Cheryl Kele from Rockhampton. They will be assessed on their practical knowledge of the rules at the State Gateball Championships to be held 17-19th August at Toombul Croquet Club.

While writing about Rockhampton, the news from Lynne Farry has not been good. She has been visiting doctors, having x-rays, CT scans and visiting an orthopaedic surgeon. Lynne will be having a knee replacement on 4th June. We all would wish for a successful outcome for the operation and a speedy recovery.

Below is her short report. Since she was the Tournament Manager of the Rockhampton Challenge, she has finished her final task and found time to submit this report below. Thanks Lynne and all the best.

Rockhampton Gateball Challenge 4-6th May, 2019

Beautiful weather all weekend, great competition, both teams and doubles. 8 teams from Southport, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Caloundra, and Redcliffe joined local teams from Capricorn Coast and Rockhampton. Redcliffe Roses won the teams event after winning all their games with Ipswich runners up. 13 sets of doubles in 2 blocks contested the doubles event, with Glenda/ Robyn from Caloundra the winners from Peter/Roseanne of Gracemere runners up. Congratulations and thanks to all who made our tournament a successful weekend.

Lynne Farry Tournament Manager

Redcliffe Roses received their Trophy from CAQ President Don Close
Ipswich Snoopy Team came second
Glenda Windust and Robyn Brown from Caloundra won the Doubles
RoseAnne Mathewson and Peter Kajewski from Gracemere came second.

Southport Croquet Club’s Gateball Triples Competition

On Sunday 28th April Southport Croquet Club hosted its annual Gateball Triples Competition. This competition began in 2012 when Southport CC initiated the first ever Triples Competition in Australia. Growing in popularity, this version of Gateball enables more strokes being played by players who may be playing two numbered balls in the correct sequence eg. 1 and 7 or 2 and 6; 3 and 9 or 4 and 10. One person will play #5 and the opponent will play #6.

Triples Competitors

There were very close games and plenty of excitement right up until the final ball was played. One example was Margaret Fitzgerald’s final ball that passed successfully through gate 2 and was stroked across court to touch a ball close to gate 3. She then sparked that off the court and touched another ball closer to gate 3 and sparked it off. On a winning streak, she scored a Gate & Touch on Gate 3 and ended up using her two turns to gain an agari to win the game on a countback. That was a play to remember!

The winning team was called “The Wrong Team” with the team members being Ethan Chilton, his mother Julia Tai, and Jim Northcott who is an octagenarion. A three generational team indeed! The presentations were made by David Housden who is the President of Southport Croquet Club. Second place went to “The Invincibles” comprising a husband and wife duo- Lee and Amanda Wentworth- and Gaye Pitman. A team from Broadbeach Croquet Club came third.

“The Wrong Team” L-R Jim Northcott, Julia Tai and Ethan Chilton with David Housden
“The Invincibles” Lee and Amanda Wentworth with Gaye Pitman and David Housden

The beautiful, autumn weather at the Gold Coast combined with the excellent food was conducive to the very active atmosphere on the day. There was a player from Bribie Island and one from New Zealand along with several others for whom this was their first ever Triples competition or their first ever Gateball competition. Visitors and potential players also came along to watch the games. Thanks to all the members of Southport CC for their very good planning and preparation of courts.