Gateball Doubles at Southport's Mallet Sports on the Broadwater

By Barbara Northcott

There were many interesting games during the day and a half of the doubles competition. See-sawing swings of play meant no game was ever completely over until the final seconds ticked off. There were two father and son combinations – the experienced pairing of Gareth and David Hughes and the novices of Chris and Lee Wentworth. Chris and Lee actually defeated Gareth and David. However, they saved their best for the final game against Barbara and Jim Northcott. In that game Chris demonstrated truly superb skills in gateball. He is twelve years old so in the years ahead he and his dad will be a real force in the game of gateball. Lee only began playing seriously in the last few months.

The winner was the consistent pair of Penny and John Park who had five wins. Congratulations on a good tournament! John and Penny were visiting from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales although they were regular Queensland players until a few years ago. Four teams were on four wins and fighting for second place which eventually went to David and Gareth Hughes on a count back. Third place went to Chris and Lee Wentworth.

Tamborine and youngsters shine at MSOB 2013

By Barbara Northcott

With beautiful winter weather Southport celebrated the start of the MSOB with a competition for gateball teams followed by gateball doubles. So many of the team events were closely contested with teams locked in a draw that ultimately had to be decided on a count back. With flat smooth surfaces all the balls needed to be stroked accurately into the best positions. Sometimes just centimetres separated success from defeat in the whole game because of ball placement. It was so good to see an increase to five in the number of young players competing in the teams event.

The results were: 1st place – Tamborine Mountain; 2nd place – Southport; 3rd place – Ipswich.