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At the launch of the Australian Croquet Academy this week,  mallets sports simulations also featured. At this point in time, the Gateball and Golf Croquet games are playable but creator Gareth Denyer wants feedback to enable him to perfect the games. He already has a list of improvements generated through his previous consultation with a couple of GB players. Gareth stresses that we are at a stage where we have product that is good enough for people to experiment with but it is very early in the development process There is a very high chance that he will  be able to act on good suggestions in a timely manner

He also tells us he knew virtually nothing about Gateball a couple of weeks ago. This makes his progress outstanding. Thanks are extended to Gareth and the ACA for including this development in conjunction with the launch of the  Australian Croquet Academy

To get started, check Gareth’s introductory Picture Based GuidePower Point and Youtube presentations. Then try the simulation.

The picture at the top of the screen shows some aspects of the simulation. You will notice that there is both a 2D and 3D view of the court. An information panel shows up and when a touch is made, the smaller touch screen clarifies what has happened. Gareth explains that the platform he has used for this “gets the physics right.”  During the Croquet Academy presentation, he demonstrated a bombard which showed that the stroker’s ball had to be hit a bit harder and how carefully the lining up has to be done. Those annoying bombards, where the sparked ball stops dead because it has been hit too straight, with be faithfully reproduced by the simulation! We can all learn from this game, as well as have a lot of fun with it, especially during lockdown!!!

Gareth also recommends trying out some set pieces like bombards, pushoutsgates and touches and slides . This will test out the simulation. Do remember to send him any thoughts you have 

The central aspect of the Croquet Academy presentation was also to show aspects of the online coaching platform. Manuals, videos, log books, booking forms and certificates will all be available through this medium. A brief introduction to the Croquet Academy is available on Facebook, while a lengthier video can be found on the ACA website  More details will be forthcoming.

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