Newcastle National Park Gateball Triples Carnival

On a very cold weekend (4th and 5th June) our Gateball Triples carnival was held at Newcastle National Park Croquet Club.

Eight teams attended. Two from Hazelbrook, three from Newcastle and one each from Toronto, Canberra and Epping. It was played as a block tournament with finals at the end. 

The games were highly contested during the block matches with the teams securing a place in the finals being Newcastle Jades 6 wins, Hazelbrook Blue 6 wins and Canberra 5 wins. The fourth place went to Toronto after gate averages were taken into account from Newcastle Sapphires and Epstars who all had 3 wins.

In the semi finals Newcastle Jades 10 defeated Toronto 7 and Canberra 10 defeated Hazelbrook Blues 7. 

The final was hard fought to the end with Newcastle Jades  10 defeating Canberra 9. 

Congratulations to Alan Gray (capt), Philippa Rose and Chris Gill from the Newcastle Jades team on their win. 

Lynne Thomas
Newcastle National Park Croquet Club

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