Indoor Gateballs Available for Loan

indoor gateballsGateball Australia now has a set of indoor gateballs available for clubs to borrow to promote the game.

Clubs interested in using the balls should contact  Bruce McAllister, Qld State Director, or the National Director on The balls are currently being held in Qld where a set of indoor gates is also available for loan.

It is hoped that clubs will borrow the balls for periods of several weeks and make bookings at local sports halls. If these sessions were held in the evenings they could represent an opportunity to promote the game with potential players who are not available at other times.

Clubs who wish to borrow the balls are asked to have thought about how they will use them to grow our game. At the end of the loan period it would be great if a post could be made to this website describing the experience. Whoever borrows them would also be responsible for returning them to an agreed person. Clubs that loan the balls are, of course, responsible for the safe return of all the balls in a reasonable condition.

The game is not quite the same because the balls have a tendency to spiral to the right or left  at the end of their course. Players in the Blue Mountains decided to play on a smaller court as long sparks were harder. However, the balls have been great on cold wet mountain days and will give us a back-up when gateballers lose the current lawn. Keith McLeod has played indoor games in Hong Kong, while the Southport club have used them to support  the programs they run with school students.

Feedback about the use of the balls and comments on their use would be very welcome.

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  1. These balls have been used by Southport CC in outdoor spaces such as bitumen, outdoor netball/basketball courts as well as undercover cement areas of schools. Use chalk to mark the gates and centre pole if no stand-up gates are available. It is very good to skills for when playing outdoor games because on cement or bitumen the balls for sparking need to be in touch or they will roll apart. On a wooden floor the would also be good for games.

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