2022 Gateball Triples Championships

The Canberra Croquet Club hosted the inaugural 2022 Gateball Triples Championships on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 February.

The event was covered in the Canberra Weekly. and more than 50 competitors in twelve teams entered for the title of Canberra Triples Gateball Champion. Players from Queensland, Victoria and NSW joined Canberra players for our first event in 2022.

Queensland players came from Bribie Island, Eildon and Southport and NSW teams included Twin Cities in Albury (including a Victorian), Strathfield, Toronto and Hazelbrook.

As Coordinator of gateball at CCC and the ACT and NSW, Judy Tier welcomed all players and reminded us that for many our last Triples tournament was probably several years ago at Jamberoo CC.

She also noted that at least 50% of players were attending their first Triples tournament with many new players being initiated into their first GB tournament.

Special thanks were given to the Tournament managers– Margot and Andrew Davies – and the many CCC volunteers who ensured each day flowed smoothly. There are so many people involved in running a GB tournament but fortunately the very timed nature of our games does allow for precision timing throughout the weekend.

It was great to have Bruce McAlister, Director of refereeing for Gateball Australia, here to identify referee training needs. He gave valuable feedback to all referees and trainees and was generally pleased with standards.

Glen Whitehead, tournament referee, explained the relational form of Triples play and the tournament structure. On Saturday the two qualifying blocks played a round robin with each team playing 5 games. The first and second placed teams from each block progressed to Yellow block. The third and fourth placed teams progressed to Green block and fifth and sixth to Red block. The classification blocks were round robin with each team playing 3 games.

The first and second placed teams from Yellow block played in a final to determine the Championship winners.

The Triples Gateball Championship trophy, complete with handmade gateball stick, was awarded to Kristina Whitehead, Captain of the Canberra 3PK team and Peters Wood and Freer.

Runners up badges were awarded to Glen Whitehead, Captain of Canberra Djara team and Craig Oxley, Pamela Hunt and Judy Tier.

Canberra North finished third with Lake Mac (Newcastle) fourth overall. Southport won the Green block with 3 wins and two + two (Canberra) won the Red block by 2 net hoops from Murray Mayhem (Twin Cities).

Players gave very positive feedback on the draw format with the Sunday three block format allowing teams to compete against their peers and register wins.

Judy Tier
ACT/NSW Gateball Coordinator

Entering the Australian Gateball Championships 1-3 April 2022

Entries  for the Australian Gateball Championships, 1st  to 3rd April  2022,  are invited from Australian and any overseas teams that can visit Australia. The deadline for entries will be COB on Monday 14th March. Entering team information before the deadline will assist with administration for the event. Download an entry form here

As well as the regular Teams Championship, an Inaugural Open Doubles Championship will be held. Teams that enter the main teams event may nominate one pair for the doubles. If more than one pair wish to nominate, the club team submitting the entry should hold a play off to determine which pair will be nominated. Wildcard entries may also be proposed and additional pairs may be included in the event. Teams and doubles pairs need to include either a referee or referee in training.     The  entry form and detailed conditions of entry for the doubles  and teams event are posted on the  ACA website at this location. Payment by credit card is required once all information has been submitted. If you are not ready to complete the form until closer to the deadline, please email info@gateball.com.au to let us know you intend to enter a team.

Emergency Contact information for team members. Team captains need to collect this information for their team and keep it with them at the event. The entry form also asks players with First Aid qualifications to be listed

Games will be played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday’s program will also include an opening ceremony, BBQ, practise sessions, friendly team games and coaching/refereeing workshops. 

Future International Representation. Players also need to note that anyone interested in representing Australia in 2022/3  at World Gateball Union, Asian Gateball Union or Asia Pacific GU events should indicate their interest on their entry forms. Final selections will be made when Australia is asked to nominate teams. The Captains of the 3 best performing clubs will be core members of the GA Selection Committee and will select from nominating players to build a team in a club’s name. The committee is obliged to produce the strongest teams possible to represent Australia. Check ACA Selection Committee Terms of Reference and  ACA Selection Policy for details. 

Anyone wishing to join a composite team to participate in the event should email info@gateball.com.au if they have not been able to build a team from their own contacts 

Accommodation is available at the northern end of the Gold Coast near Runaway Bay where the Gold Coast Performance Centre is located. Most are closer to Labrador and Southport but are not within walking distance. 
The closest, private  accommodation to the Centre is the Runaway Bay Motor Inn. which is about a 20 minute walk from the Sports Centre. There are many places that are overlooking the Broadwater in the suburb of Labrador. 
Food. Lunch boxes for will be available and distributed early in the day.  Contents can be consumed for morning and afternoon breaks as well as lunchtime. While there are café facilities on the site, queueing at times of peak demand will be an issue. A barbeque will be held early on Friday so that local players have time to drive home. Individuals need to order and pay for their own food by Friday 18th March. This is done through the ACA website . Please note that this needs to be done by each individual and not on a team basis. Credit card payment is required after information is entered.

Balls for sale! 8 sets of new balls with three numbers will be used. They will be offered for sale after the event for $140. The sale of these balls will be handled by Gateball Solutions. Any club represented at the event may offer to purchase a set.  Please email gateballsolutions@gmail.com if your club is interested in purchasing a set. If more clubs nominate to buy these balls than there are sets to sell, names will be drawn at random.

Please post any general questions below or email info@gateball.com.au if they are more specific.