2019 Australian Gateball Championship Draw

The draw has been completed for the Australian Gateball Championship.

Block A

Hu Nan, China

Join, Korea

Southport White, Queensland

Pine Rivers, Queensland

Capricorns, Queensland

Essendon, Victoria & CNSW 

Woodville Australian Friends, South Australia

Sydney Epstars, CNSW

Canberra, CNSW

Block B

Shen Yang, China

Woodville (International)

Kings, India

Southport Red, Queensland

Redcliffe Roses, Queensland

Multimacs, Queensland

Kew, Victoria

Lithgow Lightning, CNSW

Hunter Allsorts, CNSW

Glen Whitehead completed the draw and is working to produce a playing schedule. The draw was nested to ensure that teams from different states or clubs are shared evenly between the pools. For example, each of the two Southport, Victorian and Chinese teams were randomly placed in different pools. Where there was larger representation, for example from CNSW and Queensland, teams were randomly allocated, with the proviso that only half the teams were allocated to each pool.

A team from Pakistan who registered several months ago, were refused visas. Kings, India and the Chinese teams are waiting to hear the outcomes of their visa applications. This process has become more difficult over the course of the last three Australian Gateball Championships. No teams were rejected for the 2015 event in Queensland but in 2017 we lost two teams. Let us hope there is only one rejection for 2019!

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