Gateball Puzzle #4

Thanks to Philip Brown from the Kew Croquet Club who submitted gateball puzzle #4 based on a real situation from the NSW gateaball championships in 2015.

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Gateball Puzzle #4:
3 to play. The score is 3-6 with 25:00 remaining in the match.
What should 3 do on it’s turn?

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Gateball puzzle #1 also included information on the format of the puzzle and outlined how you can submit your own puzzle.

June Long Weekend Gateball Promotion in Adelaide

Adelaide Trip 9th – 11th June

From the 9th to the 11th of June, I visited Adelaide in South Australia in an attempt to teach, promote, and generate interest in the game of gateball. Across the three days when I was in South Australia, 3 different croquet clubs were visited, Woodville, Hyde Park and North Adelaide. Over the three days, approximately 30 – 40 people gave gateball a try, many of whom were croquet players, including Australia’s current No. 1 golf croquet player, Greg Fletcher. The players’ ages ranged from as low as 9, to people in their 70s.

Immediately, those who tried gateball noticed there were many different skills involved when comparing it to croquet; the main one being sparking. Although at first most people found the game a challenge, by the end of the sessions all seemed to have gained a much more thorough understanding of the game. For those who had previously played and had an understanding of the game, there were also strategic elements and teachings which were incorporated into the introductory sessions.

Overall, the entire weekend went smoothly and was very enjoyable for myself, as well as those who were new to the game, with many expressing interest in playing again. I would like to thank Geoff, Trish, Peter, and Chris, who were my hosts and welcomed me with open arms, and also John Park for allowing me to travel to South Australia on behalf of Gateball Australia in an attempt to develop and increase the interest of gateball in their great state.

For those interested in playing gateball in South Australia, please contact Geoff and Trish at

David Hughes

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Ipswich Gateball Challenge

For two days 3-4th June many Gateball players converged to the the premises of Ipswich Gateball Club at North Ipswich Bowls Club to compete in their Ipswich Gateball Challenge. It lived up to its name of a “Challenge” because so many of the teams, used to playing on grass, encountered difficulty in tempering their strokes to cope with the short, quick surface of the bowls courts. It made everyone aware of the reverse difficulty when Ipswich players visit croquet clubs where grass is the normal surface,

The weather was perfect which made up for last year’s deluge and the disruption it caused. Ipswich Gateball Club were very well organised with all the games proceeding on schedule, plenty of space for eating and socialising in the clubhouse, wonderful food and  gift bags with lovely souvenirs provided by the local Ipswich Council. The whole event was excellent and a real credit to all of the members of the Gateball Club, their supporters and the family members who assisted.

Ten teams attended which would be a record number for this event. Rockhampton players  were marvellous in attending since they endured a twelve hour journey on 2 trains to get to the venue. Toowoomba also travelled to make it to the competition. Other teams included a mixed team from Eildon, Ipswich and Bribie Island; one team each from McIlwraith, Broadbeach and Ipswich plus two teams from Southport and Redcliffe.

A group photo of the ten teams

A group photo of the ten teams. Look also at the the lovely banner “Play Gateball”.

By the end of day 1,  several teams had won all of their games so day 2 was the crunch time to sort out the positions. Good sportsmanship prevailed and there was a lot of encouragement and support for those who are relatively new to the game. After all the teams had played their nine games, just one team- Southport Red- was undefeated. Normally this team does not play well on the surface but put in a super effort to try to control their strokes. It was good for them to have a new member, Roy Huang, from Taiwan, who is very tactical and skilful when playing Gateball. The other members were (L_R ) Peter Sweet, Bruce McAlister, Barbara Northcott, Gaye Pitman and Jim Northcott. Unfortunately the Wentworth family members were not available for that weekend.

Southport Red team display the Perpetual Trophy upon which their name will be written for the first time.

Southport Red team display the Perpetual Trophy upon which their name will be written for the first time.

Second place went to the Ipswich Team with 8 wins. As last year’s winners, they were favourites for the event since it is on their home surface.

Ipswich players were placed second.

Ipswich players were placed second.

Plenty of exciting games happened with wins on count backs occurring and some last minute grasps of the point scoring opportunities. Below are several photos of the participants.

A line up of players with Keith McLeod at the centre of the group.

A line up of players with Keith McLeod at the centre of the group.

Roy strokes the ball through gate 1

Roy strokes the ball through gate 1

Refereeing the game, Frances Wregg closely watches the game.

Refereeing the game, Frances Wregg closely watches the game.

Action on the courts.

Action on the courts.


State Championships 2017 and onwards

calendarGateball Australia’s premier events are the National and State Championships. After the Nationals, State Championships should be our most attended and prestigious events.

In 2017, the Queensland Championships occupy their usual position in mid-August and are to be held at MacIlwraith Croquet Club just to the west of the city centre and close to Auchenflower Station. The New South Wales Championships in mid-November have now been relocated from Wagga Wagga to Young Croquet Club. Anyone wishing to attend this event should book accommodation now as this is a very busy time for tourists during the famous cherry season.

The 2017 Victorian State Championships coincided with the Rockhampton club competition but Gateball Australia hopes this clash can be avoided in 2018. The Victorian Coordinator is investigating whether it is possible to move the VCA event to a weekend avoiding the Queensland Labour Day long weekend. Other states and clubs are asked to check details of this event before organising club events.

The Australian Gateball Championships and State Championships are our primary focus for attracting overseas teams.

In late 2016, dates of our Nationals, State Championships and a general invitation to check our website for club events were sent to the WGU who circulated this information to the international gateball community. Contact with overseas gateball organisations and clubs should be through the National Coordinator at

Because we have had some direct indication from China about interest in attending some of our other events, a specific invitation was translated into Chinese and sent to the Chinese Gateball Association. It should also be noted that it has been agreed with the CGA that invitations to and applications to visit Australia from China need to be coordinated through the Chinese Secretary General and Gateball Australia’s National Coordinator. Previous contacts from China had been rather chaotic and had led to clubs and coordinators having multiple, confusing and time wasting contacts with agents acting on behalf of Chinese teams.

For our State Championships to be able to attract players from interstate and overseas, Gateball Australia requests that:

  • State Championship dates and venues are organised well before clubs start to organise their own events. Flyers should be posted on the website early in the year and sent to the National Coordinator for circulation overseas.
  • In principle, clubs in any state should not hold events when other states are holding their state championships. Where problems are foreseen, negotiation should occur.
  • All clubs should post notices of their events on so that details are available both in Australia and overseas.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Coordinator at

Elsternwick Gateball Singles Cup

The first Elsternwick Gateball Singles Invitational Cup was held last Sunday the 28th of May at the Elsternwick Croquet Club.

Despite the weather the competition was fierce between the competitors. The tournament was a single round robin between 6 Victorian players (Philip Brown, Chas Quinn, Gilon Smith, Tim Stagg, Anthony Dask and Sue Leitinger). With some top quality games and tight finishes it was exciting till the end. Anthony Dask won the cup with 4 wins (+21). Philip Brown was the runner up with 3 wins (+19).

A big thanks to the Elsternwick Croquet Club and all those who assisted in the running of the event. Results can be found on Gateball Scores.

Anthony Dask

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