Rules and refereeing


The most recent edition of the rules was published by the World Gateball Union in 2015.

A  summary of fouls and their consequences can be downloaded here in landscape or portrait view

In addition to these rules, Gateball Australia has agreed the following rules for playing with less than five members on each team:


Gateball Referees can attain accreditation to three levels:


Accredited by the World Gateball Union – allows the referee to exam candidates for Level 1 accreditation

Level 1

Senior level – allows the referee to exam candidates for Level 2 accreditation

Level 2

Basic accreditation

The procedure for referee accreditation is available for download.

Gateball Referee Reaccreditation Cards are also available here.

Side 1 of Reaccreditation Card

Side 2 of Reaccreditation Card

The following people are the accredited gateball referees:


Keith McLeod (International)
Bruce McAlister (International)
Margaret Barnard (International)
Glenda Windust (International)
John Angus (Level 2)
Ian Clayton (Level 2)
Lynne Farry (Level 2)
May Feddersen (Level 2)
Greg Fetherstone (Level 2)
Ethel Hughes (Level 2)
Barbara Northcott (Level 2)
Jim Northcott (Level 2)
Don O’Doherty (Level 2)
Geoff Percival (Level 2)
Sandra Reynolds (Level 2)
Philip Rowland (Level 2)
Coral Schintler (Level 2)
Les Smedley (Level 2)
Adele Stokes (Level 2)
Ron Stokes (Level 2)
Jocelyn Sweeney (Level 2)
Diana Wright (Level 2)
Gareth Hughes (Level 2)
David Hughes (Level 2)
Sherill Dennerley (Level 2)
John Turner (Level 2)
Carol Clayton (Level 2)
Geoff Morris (Level 2)
Herman Bekker (Level 2)
Julia Vickers ((Level 2)
Beryl Turner (Level 2)
Frances Wregg (Level 2)
Claus Jehne (Level 2)
Jennifer Morris (Level 2)
Maggi Harmen (Level 2)


Lowen Clarke (Level 2)
Catherine Doherty (Level 2)
Chris Langford (Level 2)
Sue Leitenger (Level 2)
Adrian Masterman-Smith (Level 2)
Philip Brown (Level 2)
Tim Stagg (Level 2)


John Park (Level 2)
Ken Poole (Level 2)
Will Antill (Level 2)
Elizabeth Kent (Level 2)
Josh Willsher (Level 2)
Penny Park (Level 2)
Judy Squelch (Level 2)
Kerrie Sutherland (Level 2)
Manuel Gutierrez (Level 2)
Glenda Gutierrez (Level 2)


Gilon Smith (Level 1)
Glen Whitehead (Level 1)
Tim Goodland (Level 2)
Alex Park (Level 2)
Bryan Johnson (Level 2)