Coaching, Tips and strategy

A new structure has been approved by the ACA Board, and a Level 1 Foundation Coach course is available. The qualification requires endorsement in at least one discipline, Gateball has been included along with Golf Croquet, Association Croquet and Ricochet.

The level 1 course is designed to take one day

The level 1 course has two important prerequisites. Firstly, potential coaches must undertake the CCGP (Community Coach General Principles) course which is available free on the Australian Sports Commission website. The second requirement for Gateball coaches is to complete the basic skills card. This can be can be downloaded here

Basic skills cards are designed to be a useful tool for both player and coach. They are “owned” by the player but can be used as a goal or motivation for player improvement at the basic levels. In addition they will be closely linked to coach training.

The World Gateball Union publishes a useful a document on Gateball Strategy. A problem with these materials is that they still include reference to ‘double touches’. A rule change several years ago actually removed this option from the game.

Handy information pamphlets prepared by Keith McLeod are also available for download:

Aussie Gateball 
Practice Routines 
Sparking Tips 
Strategies and Tactics 

A really usefull app to allow players to consider strategy is available on the website  at