Bribie Island, QLD, “Come and Try Gateball”

A initiative by Bribie Island Croquet Club to organise a “Come and Try Gateball ” Day was well received. It was advertised within the Sunshine Coast Region and set down for Sunday 10th June. Barbara and Jim Northcott in their roles as Director and Assistant Director for Gateball in QLD attended. In perfect winter weather 16 people came along. Of this number,  3 were familiar with the game. Most of the people who came were Golf Croquet players or beginners to the croquet world because they had visited as students at the University of the 3rd Age.

Plenty of activities were held to learn and to develop the stroking and sparking skills that are needed for beginners. Most of the participants enjoyed the target practice. Actual team games were played and the experience of playing a Triples Game was also enjoyed. Bribie Island members supplied good refreshments and a convivial atmosphere. As a result, a group of 8-10 players are meeting  to play on Thursday mornings under the guidance of Lynda Davis who is also QLD Director of Coaching and Director of Ricochet. She is a firm believer in the playing of more than one code of croquet. Thanks go to Gwen Connelly, the Secretary of Bribie Island Croquet Club, for all of her efforts in promoting Gateball and in arranging the Come and Try Day.

Participants and coaches gather in front of the Bribie Island Clubhouse.

Participants and coaches gather in front of the Bribie Island Clubhouse.


Plastic sheet with target

Plastic sheet with target

Ipswich Gateball Challenge

Nine teams arrived at North Ipswich Bowls Club 2-3rd June to participate in the annual Ipswich Gateball Challenge. It was very good to have Rockhampton enter a team with a few extra players from the local area. Everyone welcomed the members of the newly-registered club with CAQ – Deception Bay Gateball Club. They looked really good in their colourful uniform.

There were some issues for club members who prepared the courts. The usual area was not available so a big job was needed to set out the three courts on a different area of the premises. Everybody found that this event, called the “Challenge”, lived up to its name because the challenge was to keep the ball on the court. The  surface of the lightning-fast, lawn bowls court was a problem for every team including the home team.

All of the participants at the Ipswich Gateball Challenge

All of the participants at the Ipswich Gateball Challenge

Most of the games were low scoring and quite close in the final results. Quite a few were decided by “Shoot-outs”. The referees were able to receive feedback and advice because the CAQ Director of Gateball Referees, Margaret Barnard, attended the tournament and observed the referees in action. Margaret arranged for four players to do the Level 2 Referees Theory Exam during the lunch break on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, Margaret proudly announced that all four players passed their exam. Sincere congratulations go to Mary Dean, Rockhampton MSC, Julia Tai, Southport CC, Ros Crowe and Keith Chur-Hansen both from the new club, Deception Bay GC. Next step for them is to be assessed for their practical sessions of Level 2 by refereeing at the QLD State Championship in Rockhampton in August.

The final placings were not known until the last round of the competition was finished. Thanks go to Karen Stokes for her efficient operation of the scoring system. The two Southport Teams were equal on the number of winning games. However, by countback, Southport Red won the Challenge and Southport White was second- demonstrating the depth of skills, captaincy and abilities of the players at Southport. In the Red team we can see Ethan, aged 13, proud to be a member of the winning team along with his Grandfather, John, who is standing behind him and to his right. His Mother, Julia Tai, is in the White team but hidden from sight in the photo.

Southport Red

Southport Red

Southport White

Southport White

The novel prizes included an individual Snoopy Mug for each of the members of the teams that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Great idea!

The novel prizes included an individual Snoopy Mug for each of the members of the teams that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Great idea!

Redcliffe Roses came third

Redcliffe Roses came third

A view across the courts with players from McIlwraith CC in the foreground. (from Ethan)

A view across the courts with players from McIlwraith CC in the foreground. (from Ethan)

Ipswich once again provided a huge variety of special treats for the morning and afternoon teas and coffees. Their BBQ lunches on both days were very nutritious. Thanks to all of these people- mostly family members- who came to assist in the catering. There were fabulous prizes won in the Raffle. The Ipswich Gateball Club obtained many quality donations from their sponsors. A very friendly social evening was held at the Jets Sports Club- one of the sponsors. Everyone would like to give a big “thank you” to the Ipswich Club for a weekend of very interesting, competitive Gateball.


Jamberoo Super 3s Triples 2018

15 teams 48 players travelled from far and wide, WA, SA, ACT and NSW, to compete at Jamberoo in their annual Super 3s event.

This many teams called for some creative planning and so an incomplete round robin was put in place. This was a non-bibbed event which also gave teams the opportunity to have one substitution each. This benefited those who are inexperienced and also the more senior or less agile members of the gateball community.

Some very close and highly competitive games were played out. The winners were not decided until the last round.

1st place went to Jamberoo MGs with Manuel Gutierrez, Glenda Gutierrez, Graham Shephard & Gerry Hassett. 10 wins and 81 net points.

2nd place went to Lithgow Lightning with John Park, Penny Park & Murray Loane (who travelled from WA to compete). 10 wins and 59 net points.

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Another well-presented refereeing talk was given by Manuel on common ball touch fouls, further increasing and refreshing our understanding of the complex rules.

Special mention must go to our SA Gateballers, Geoff Crook, Trish Fazackerley, Chris Crook, Peter Crook, Ben Tarling & Ann Hassall, who arrived in Jamberoo at midnight Friday and were on the lawns at 8am Saturday ready to play. Chris and Peter then did the honours of hitting through the ceremonial gate. Come Sunday at the conclusion of play they headed back to Sydney for a flight back to SA.

And what did the young players think about the comp?

The weekend was a great adventure with intriguing, unpredictable games.  We met awesome people and the cakes were delicious! (Chris, aged 10)

An interesting experience – what seems a simple game quickly turns into a game of chess.  I loved the feeling after a good shot.  Everyone was nice and were good sports.  It was a great environment, great place with great people. (Peter, aged 14)

Christ and Peter, making the first ever double pass through the ceremonial gate

Chris and Peter, making the first ever double pass through the ceremonial gate

Jamberoo Triples – Reflections from a Newcomer

The full report of the Jamberoo Triples Competition is still being finalised but one player had such a good time she couldn’t wait to comment. Ruth Bridger from Strathfield had this to say.

As a newcomer to gateball competitions, I certainly enjoy seeing so many clubs come together in friendly rivalry. It was a special delight to see and play against the inter-generational team (the Crook family from SA). I wish I had them all in one picture. From the eldest to the youngest of the clan, they were a pleasure to play against.

Geoff and Chris Cook with Peter Freer from Canberra

Geoff and Chris Cook with Peter Freer from the Canberra Mavericks

It was quite something to play gateball at Jamberoo, as it is such a beautiful location, with so many GB lawns prepared beautifully, but the lawns were fast and many borders challenged our skill set! Visitors had all the amenities they needed, and players were well looked after by Jamberoo’s large team of volunteers.

Thanks to all involved, I had a wonderful experience, and hope to return next year. I also thank all those who taught me so much during the weekend.

Ruth Bridger

Gateball Australia Officiating and Coaching Update – May 2018


Early this year Gateball Australia’s Referee Committee held a meeting. This is undertaken by email. The meeting is chaired by the National Coordinator and has representatives from each state plus a number of our international referees. Top of the agenda was the consideration of the process to include reference to gateball in the ACA’s refereeing documents. This is important because the ACA processes meet the requirements of the Australian Sports Commission and thereby impact on our inclusion as a National Sporting Organisation.

There are some resulting changes we have needed to work through in Gateball Australia’s processes. The online course , our annual reaccreditation cards, signing the ACA code of conduct and completing a player’s state based working with children check are all examples of additional requirements under this ACA framework.

These and other changes have been included in Gateball Australia’s “Referee Accreditation and Reaccreditation Framework.” A copy of this document can be viewed on under About Gateball, Officiating Rules and Refereeing at

Anyone who wishes to become a referee or has a particular interest in this area is asked to read this document.

A document outlining tasks for tournament referees has also been posted under Downloads on the website.

The referee committee meets by email each year and if you have any comments or questions please relay them through your state refereeing coordinator or one of our international referees.

The National Coordinator now has the authority to work with the ACA’s National Referee Coordinators of other codes to produce a document that integrates gateball into the ACA framework. This task will take some time to complete.


In late 2015, the Croquet Australia Coaching Committee (CACC) ran a pilot of a new level 1 coaching qualification that met Australian Sports Commission standards. After two and a half years, accredited level 1 coaches have been trained in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Although many existing players find the materials basic, that is exactly what they are intended to be. Level 1 is for beginners but consistently succeeding with these skills, 100% of the time, would improve any of our games!

Anyone interested in becoming a level 1 coach should contact their state coordinator/director in Victoria or Queensland. In all other states contact the National Coordinator. Further information is to be found on this website under About gateball/Coaching,Tips and Strategy.

A pilot for level 2 will be run at some point in the future. State coordinators have had the opportunity to discuss a draft skill card for Level 2 and a summary draft document has been posted under About gateball/Coaching, Tips and Strategy. Once the core is established, gateball will be ready with its proposed endorsement. Ideas for level 3 have also been drafted and posted on the website too. It is intended to base these around scenarios, some of which were developed for the 2017 AGC.

If you have any comments, please contact your respective state coordinator for gateball so that your views are considered when our next round of discussions occur. Alternatively you could just post your comment below this story

Just to remind you – Level 2 is our beginner level for refereeing (WGU influence) while Level 1 is the beginner level for coaching (ACA/ASC influence)