Gateball Puzzle #4

Thanks to Philip Brown from the Kew Croquet Club who submitted gateball puzzle #4 based on a real situation from the NSW gateaball championships in 2015.

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Gateball Puzzle #4:
3 to play. The score is 3-6 with 25:00 remaining in the match.
What should 3 do on it’s turn?

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Gateball puzzle #1 also included information on the format of the puzzle and outlined how you can submit your own puzzle.

3 thoughts on “Gateball Puzzle #4

  1. I would touch 1, send it to the south-west of balll 2 and go to a position on the North boundary about three metres East of gate 2, as close to the boundary as possible. This challenges ball 6 to touch ball 10 and send it to ball 1 but leaves ball 3 in command of gate 2.

  2. Glance off 1 to reach 6 & 10. Spark 1 back to 2, as Tony suggests. Send 6 & 10 off the court, and take position in front of gate 2 close to boundary. If not near enough to 6 or 10, go direct to boundary in front of gate 2.

  3. Tony – your approach seems interesting…
    I would have countered with setting ball 4 as a bridge between 10 and Gate 2 (incidentally, that’s what actually happened in the game). Ball 4 would hopefully be equal with the gate, about 1 foot, maybe 2, from the line. Ball 6 thus has access to the front of the gate (and maybe Ball 3 if you don’t manage to hide it properly).

    There’s a slight risk that 5 could come down the whole line of balls, but it’s tricky.

    Peter – I’m not sure if you’re trying to be sarcastic, but the prospects of successfully completing that shot are effectively nil…

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