Gateball Australia Officiating and Coaching Update – May 2018


Early this year Gateball Australia’s Referee Committee held a meeting. This is undertaken by email. The meeting is chaired by the National Coordinator and has representatives from each state plus a number of our international referees. Top of the agenda was the consideration of the process to include reference to gateball in the ACA’s refereeing documents. This is important because the ACA processes meet the requirements of the Australian Sports Commission and thereby impact on our inclusion as a National Sporting Organisation.

There are some resulting changes we have needed to work through in Gateball Australia’s processes. The online course , our annual reaccreditation cards, signing the ACA code of conduct and completing a player’s state based working with children check are all examples of additional requirements under this ACA framework.

These and other changes have been included in Gateball Australia’s “Referee Accreditation and Reaccreditation Framework.” A copy of this document can be viewed on under About Gateball, Officiating Rules and Refereeing at

Anyone who wishes to become a referee or has a particular interest in this area is asked to read this document.

A document outlining tasks for tournament referees has also been posted under Downloads on the website.

The referee committee meets by email each year and if you have any comments or questions please relay them through your state refereeing coordinator or one of our international referees.

The National Coordinator now has the authority to work with the ACA’s National Referee Coordinators of other codes to produce a document that integrates gateball into the ACA framework. This task will take some time to complete.


In late 2015, the Croquet Australia Coaching Committee (CACC) ran a pilot of a new level 1 coaching qualification that met Australian Sports Commission standards. After two and a half years, accredited level 1 coaches have been trained in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Although many existing players find the materials basic, that is exactly what they are intended to be. Level 1 is for beginners but consistently succeeding with these skills, 100% of the time, would improve any of our games!

Anyone interested in becoming a level 1 coach should contact their state coordinator/director in Victoria or Queensland. In all other states contact the National Coordinator. Further information is to be found on this website under About gateball/Coaching,Tips and Strategy.

A pilot for level 2 will be run at some point in the future. State coordinators have had the opportunity to discuss a draft skill card for Level 2 and a summary draft document has been posted under About gateball/Coaching, Tips and Strategy. Once the core is established, gateball will be ready with its proposed endorsement. Ideas for level 3 have also been drafted and posted on the website too. It is intended to base these around scenarios, some of which were developed for the 2017 AGC.

If you have any comments, please contact your respective state coordinator for gateball so that your views are considered when our next round of discussions occur. Alternatively you could just post your comment below this story

Just to remind you – Level 2 is our beginner level for refereeing (WGU influence) while Level 1 is the beginner level for coaching (ACA/ASC influence)

Rockhampton Gateball Challenge- Teams and Doubles

Despite the concern that accommodation would be a difficulty because of the “Beef Week” promotion that was being held at the same time as the Gateball Challenge, seven teams travelled to Rockhampton for the two days of the Team competition and one extra day for the Doubles. The setting of Rockhampton Mallet Sports Club is a magnificent one surrounded by huge trees and situated in a quiet area as part of the famous Botanical Gardens as shown in the photo below.

Rockhampton's courts in action

Everything was well organised with four courts and a practice court painted on the ground. The clubhouse and covered area gave good shelter to everyone when there were a few showers on Sunday and Monday. Delicious food was served and plentiful supplies of tea and coffee fuelled everyone. There were new players to Gateball Competition so it was very good to welcome the team from Capricorn Coast led by Greg Featherstone as well as the team from Caloundra with three new players led by Glenda Windust. A composite team called the ‘Beach Beauties’ came from Eildon, Deception Bay and Bribie Island. The other teams were Ipswich Snoopy’s, Redcliffe, Rockhampton, and Southport Red.

There were very close games and it was not until the final round was completed that the placings were decided. Southport Red and Ipswich Snoopy’s each won 5 games but first place went to Ipswich because of a better tally of net points. Third place was secured by Rockhampton. It is very good to note the improvement in this team’s performance and a home ground advantage came to the fore.

The Ipswich Snoopy team is presented with First Prize by Don Close.

The Ipswich Snoopy team is presented with First Prize by Don Close.

The President of Croquet Queensland, Mr Don Close, was able to attend the presentation. He was able to meet so many of the players and the visitors to Rockhampton.

Southport Red receives second prize from Don Close.

Southport Red receives second prize from Don Close.

The Gateball Doubles were played in two block with 5 pairs in each block. In the semi- finals Peter and Bruce from Block A played second place-getters in B Block- Lynne and Margaret. Geoff and Paul, winners of Block B, played Jim and Barbara who were placed second in Block A. Lynne and Margaret had a tough tussle to defeat Peter and Bruce so they could meet Jim and Barbara in the Final. This Final was a close game but Jim and Barbara managed to secure first place in the Doubles Challenge.

Jim and Barbara Northcott receive the First Prize from Don Close with Lynne and Margaret placed second.

Jim and Barbara Northcott receive the First Prize from Don Close with Lynne and Margaret placed second.

Once again Rockhampton Mallet Sports Club demonstrated how good they are at organising Gateball Tournaments. Congratulations to all of the club members for their hard work and to Lynne Farry for her tireless efforts as a player as well as the Manager of the Challenge. This club will be hosting the QLD Gateball Teams and Doubles 17-20th August and we look forward to seeing many teams competing here at that time in Rockhampton where the weather will be so good for all of those who can visit from the southern states.

Greg Featherstone achieving an 'agari' for his Capricorn Coast team.

Greg Featherstone achieving an ‘agari’ for his Capricorn Coast team.

2018 Victorian Gateball Championships sees trophy come home

A small but committed field competed in the Victorian Gateball Championships at the Victorian Croquet Centre over the weekend of 27-29 April.

Team Winners, Kew

Team Winners, Kew

As well as the Victorian teams, we had competitors from Canberra and, for the first time as a standalone team, the Woodville team from South Australia.  The absence of our Queensland friends was again felt – but with a new date for next year’s tournament of the last weekend in March (28-31) the clash with the Rockhampton event has, hopefully, been resolved.

At the opening of the event, Ruth Duffy, the Victorian Coordinator of Coaching, presented Philip Brown with his level 1 coaching certificate. Ruth, Philip and National coordinator of Gateball, John Park, have combined to ensuring that Philip is accredited to deliver the Level 1 Gateball coaching endorsement in Victoria.  Ruth also hit the ball through the ceremonial first hoop – scoring a gate-touch to boot.

A feature of the Victorian Championships is the number of younger players who enjoy the event.  It is always great to see Tim and son, Robert , participating in the pairs event.  Their distinguishing flat caps added distinction and class to a disparate array of team uniforms. Anthony Dask, now a first year Agriculture student at university still shows his trademark flamboyant enthusiasm for the game.  He still insists that he regularly watches Japanese gateball on TV every week prefers to referee in Japanese! Geoff and Trish Crook and their two sons from SA completed the younger competing cohort this tournament.  (Though Freya was called upon at the last minute to add frizz to the medal presentations – see the photos.)  Can any other state match this excellent participation rate for younger players?

This year, for the first time in 5 years, the Victorian Championships were won by a Victorian team.  Congratulations to Kew, for their first in in their home competition since 2012.  The runners-up were Essendon, who were also the only team to best Kew in the double round-robin.

In the pairs, the lure of the second presentation of the John Bradley Pairs Championship proved a strong motivator.  The final was contested between Philip Brown & Kerry Seipolt and their Victorian counterparts Gilon Smith & Anthony Dask.  A see-sawing final was eventually won by Philip & Kerry 13-11, thanks to a faint nick on the goal-pole at the 29th minute.  John’s partner Elaine shared some memories of John and presented the pairs medals in his honour.

We hope to see you all at the next Victorian Championships in March 2019 – or the Nationals to be held from 29 November to 1 December 2019.  As the competitors this year can attest, we can promise you warm, delightful weather here in Melbourne… at some stage during the tournament!

Teams Runners Up, Essendon

Teams Runners Up, Essendon

Pairs Runners Up, Gilon and Anthony

Pairs Runners Up, Gilon and Anthony