Newcastle Gateball Fun Weekend

Newcastle Gateball Fun Weekend was held 1st and 2nd of April. Players from Jamberoo, Lithgow, EDSACC, Sydney and our own club participated. Teams were mixed on experience so that every team had an experienced captain as well as novice players.

Saturday was team play and Sunday was doubles with a different partner for each of the 6 games. Thank you to Penny and Margaret for refereeing most of the games.

As it was April Fools day the teams were named Jesters, Riddlers,Jokers and Clowns. A round robin was played and each team played each other twice. During the line-ups the teams were entertained with lots of jokes…Why was everyone so tired on 1 April – they had just completed a March of 31 days. A fun time was had by all.

All results can be found on Team winners by 1 point were the Jokers (Kerrie, John S, Arthur, Maggi & Sandra) with 4 wins and 15 nett points. Runners-up were the Riddlers (Judy, Helen, Philippa, John P & Chris) with 4 wins and 14 nett points.

Individual doubles on Sunday were self-refereed – no problems occurred resulting in another good day. John P was the overall winner being undefeated. Lynne was the runner-up with 5 wins and Encouragement Award went to John S.

Thank you to all players and helpers – you all helped make a wonderful fun weekend.

On Monday 3 April a coaching endorsement day was held – Gateball now has 6 more qualified Foundation Coaches (Level 1) – Penny Park, Judy Squelch, Helen Chalmers, Lynne Thomas, Philippa Rose and Kerrie Sutherland. John Park, already a level 1 coach, can now train other gateball coaches.

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Gateball Puzzle #1 is trialing a monthly gateball puzzle for readers to put their captaincy skills to the test.

The puzzle will present a scenario in the format below. The court shows the balls current position on the court including outballs (1 and 9 in the example below) and balls that have hit the goal pole (6). The match details include which balls have been through gate 1 (5,2,4), gate 2 (1,8,10), gate 3 (3,7,9) and have hit the goal pole (6). Match details also specify the next stroker (5), time remaining (1:30) and the current score (12-11).

Readers should leave a reply in the comments outlining what they would do on the next shot given the game scenario set out. There is no right answer however a consensus may emerge.

Gateball Puzzle #1:
5 to play. Score is 12-11 with 1:30 remaining in the match.
What should 5 do on it’s first shot?

April 2017
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If you would like to submit your own puzzle (perhaps based on an actual match situation) please send a puzzle picture to You can create a puzzle picture using the software available at:


McIlwraith Challenge Cup, 2017

The QLD Gateball intraclub competitions were off  to a very good start with the first tournament being held at McIlwraith Croquet Club in Brisbane on 8th and 9th April. The dates were somewhat later than usual and only just avoided the sort of rainfall that we have experienced in previous years. However, only just!

One week prior to the tournament, the south eastern part of Queensland suffered very strong winds and extremely heavy rainfall from the ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie. The fields were covered with water and there was water a foot deep through the lower level of the the clubhouse. An amazing amount of work by club members cleared the mess and prepared the court with very clear markings. The courts were very green, somewhat slower than normal but in very good condition. Great work, McIlwraith members!

There were 9 teams competing altogether which is a good for the sport. It was a very dedicated pair of players ( Cheryl and Steven Kele) who travelled all the way from Rockhampton to compete even though their city was being flooded in many areas. Several composite teams were formed and this was a successful arrangement for all concerned. In addition, two teams representing the local club of McIlwraith and two teams from Southport were competing.

All of the games were played on time with an hour between the games. So many games were closely contested with decisions on winners made only on a countback. By Sunday morning games there were three teams vying for the Challenge Cup. It wasn’t until the final game that the placings were finalised. Third place went to Toowoomba. Second place went to McIlwraith Blue Macs. The winning team was the Southport Red team. It was the third time in a  row that Southport has won the McIlwraith Challenge. (see results on

Winning team was Southport Red

Winning team was Southport Red

Blue Macs came 2nd

Blue Macs came second


Sparking a ball

Sparking a ball


Photos showing teams and referees in action

Photos showing teams and referees in action