June Long Weekend Gateball Promotion in Adelaide

Adelaide Trip 9th – 11th June

From the 9th to the 11th of June, I visited Adelaide in South Australia in an attempt to teach, promote, and generate interest in the game of gateball. Across the three days when I was in South Australia, 3 different croquet clubs were visited, Woodville, Hyde Park and North Adelaide. Over the three days, approximately 30 – 40 people gave gateball a try, many of whom were croquet players, including Australia’s current No. 1 golf croquet player, Greg Fletcher. The players’ ages ranged from as low as 9, to people in their 70s.

Immediately, those who tried gateball noticed there were many different skills involved when comparing it to croquet; the main one being sparking. Although at first most people found the game a challenge, by the end of the sessions all seemed to have gained a much more thorough understanding of the game. For those who had previously played and had an understanding of the game, there were also strategic elements and teachings which were incorporated into the introductory sessions.

Overall, the entire weekend went smoothly and was very enjoyable for myself, as well as those who were new to the game, with many expressing interest in playing again. I would like to thank Geoff, Trish, Peter, and Chris, who were my hosts and welcomed me with open arms, and also John Park for allowing me to travel to South Australia on behalf of Gateball Australia in an attempt to develop and increase the interest of gateball in their great state.

For those interested in playing gateball in South Australia, please contact Geoff and Trish at trishfaz@hotmail.com

David Hughes

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Deception Bay Darts Club learns about gateball

Redcliffe Gateball club are trying to develop a new Gateball club at the old Deception Bay Bowls Club.

Wednesday 17/5/17 was our first night at the club. We intend to play from 5.30pm until 8.30pm each week to develop a new Gateball club.

We  had 13 of our members  demonstrate and coach  the local Darts club .

The darts club is a community  centre and they are trying to develop different sports in the area at the bowls club.

For any further information please contact GEOFF MORRIS

Woodville welcomes interstate visitors

img_18091st December 2016
From John and Beryl Turner, Southport Croquet Club, Qld.

We are currently holidaying in South Australia visiting family. While here, we have taken the opportunity to take up Geoff and Trish’s request for gateballers to come and play with them at Woodville Croquet Club.

We spent last Sunday from 11.30 to 6.30 playing Gateball doubles with a short break for a BBQ lunch. Needless to say, we slept well that night. We had some great games and were very impressed with their enthusiasm, standard of play, competitiveness, and Geoff’s captaining strategies.

We took my sister, Wendy and hubby, Kym on Tuesday evening to join in. They enjoyed it playing both gateball and golf croquet. We had quite a crowd with regulars, Trish, Geoff and Ben and, from Hyde Park Croquet Club, Barry, Barry and Graeme, who attended John Park’s Gateball sessions in Adelaide.

We all enjoyed some very competitive games played with a great sense of fun and camaraderie.

If any Gateballers are heading to Adelaide, Geoff and Trish would love you to visit Woodville Croquet Club and play Gateball with their players to help develop their skills and competitiveness. We can guarantee you will have great games and be warmly welcomed.




Redcliffe Gateball Club affiliate with CAQ

CAQ’s Management Committee accepted Redcliffe Gateball Club’s request to be affiliated with CAQ at its meeting on the 25th October. Gateball Australia welcomes this development and gateball players will enjoy playing with this members of this new club.

Also in late October, the club had held a gateball competition. Results are available on www.gateballscores.com. A report has also been included below.

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First South Australia Gateball Competition

Woodville Croquet club hosted the first South Australian Doubles Gateball tournament on 12 June 2016 in glorious sunshine.

3 teams competed in a ‘double’ round robin format with each team playing the other two teams twice  – once with red and once with white balls.

The games were all close with the winners from Hyde Park croquet club – Barry Haydon and Barry Jennings – winning 3 of their 4 games.  The competition hinged on the last shot of game 4 with the ‘Barrys’ trailing by 2 points.  Barry Haydon played ball 7 and scored gate 3, sparked out ball 8 and hit the goal pole, winning the game by 1 point!

All in all it was a great competition and thanks go to all of the competitors.  Hope to see more of you at the next event!


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Table of results

Team For Against Net Wins
Barry J / Barry H 49 -51 -2 3
Trish F / Geoff C 50 -46 4 2
Ben T / Ann H 46 -48 -2 1