An interesting puzzle from recent Thailand Gateball Doubles Championship

The recent Thailand Gateball Championships were attended by many teams from overseas- two teams even travelled from Europe. Friends of ours from Japan- Keiichi Imagawa and Satoshi Kamijo- enjoyed their experience and were place getters.

One thing puzzled me was in the photos of Satoshi wearing bibs with letters on them. I asked him about this and Satoshi’s reply is worth noting.” This tournament is worth visiting. They use letters marked ‘A’ to ‘D’ bibs in doubles. A and C players are on the same team and B and D on the other side. The stroking order is circular. Player A plays balls 1, 5 and 9 and Player B plays 2,6 and 10 in the first turn. C for 3 and 7 and D for 4 and 8. In the second turn A and C switch their roles”.

Bibs with the letters A, B, C and D are visible. Satoshi is wearing A.

We all know how it can be confusing in a Doubles Championship as to who plays next- particularly when refereeing- so this use of letters on the bibs would seem to be very helpful. Judging from reports from Keiichi and Satoshi, the whole competitions was colourful, competitive but so friendly. Sightseeing around the area of Pattaya was especially popular.

So, perhaps if you planning a trip next year and Thailand is in the mix of your tourist destination, consider forming a composite Aussie team. Everyone knows how friendly a country Thailand is. Contact for more details.

Another game with Satoshi playing in the game and wearing bib A


News Item in the “Courier Mail” 25th January, 2019

Through contacting me via Facebook, a reporter from the QLD newspaper “The Courier Mail”, Michelle Collins, asked for information about Gateball to publicise our sport in an upcoming Friday Edition of Weekend Sport. Her column focuses on what is good to do over the weekend in Brisbane.

Here is the scanned copy of it. I do hope there will be a better copy for use in further publicity opportunities. Michelle gave me some guidelines for preparing the article and I attached the photos from McIlwraith Club- a Brisbane club that plays Gateball at the weekend. Thanks Michelle for writing the article.

The caption under the final photo  says ” Team Sport: Gateball is a fun and strategic game based on co-operation and friendly competition.”

News Report in The Courier Mail – 25/1/19

Gateball at Gold Coast Christmas Party

Because of some enthusiasm for learning about Gateball had occurred among other clubs in the Gold Coast Tweed Region, a demonstration game was scheduled after lunch at the Gold Coast Tweed Regional Christmas Party held at Burleigh Heads Palm Beach Croquet Club. Not many croquet players had even seen a full game or had even tried to swing a Gateball stick or to play a game. A full court was set up, equipment explained and scoreboard was in place.

Spectators observing while Jim Northcott gave a running commentary about the game

Keith McLeod and Jim Northcott

Jim Northcott, Assistant Director of Gateball in QLD  provided a commentary. Margaret Barnard, the Director of Gateball Refereeing, was the Referee. Players from Tamborine Mountain, Broadbeach and Southport Clubs were placed into two teams captained by Julia Vickers or by Keith McLeod. With so many years of experience by these players, it was a good game for the spectators. After the demonstration game these spectators were able to experience the game of Gateball for the first time.

As a result of this interest next year there will be a monthly afternoon Gateball sessions for anyone in the region who wishes to come along to learn or to continue playing games of Gateball. Many thanks to Robert Smillie from Coolangatta CC for offering that club as the venue. Barbara and Jim Northcott will be arranging the sessions.

Barbara and Jim Barbey from Tamborine Mt CC watch Beryl Phillips from Southport in action.

Julia Vickers sending a ball through Gate 1 watched by the Referee, Margaret Barnard.

Eunice Frater is sending a ball through Gate 2 while Trudy Cummins and Beryl Turner watch on.

Julia Vickers is checking on the time while Keith McLeod is explaining the next play to Robert Smillie.

Caloundra’s Masters and Apprentices Gateball Teams and Doubles Tournament

On Saturday, 10th and Sunday morning of the 11th November there were nine teams assembled at Caloundra to participate in the annual Masters and Apprentices Gateball Teams and Tournament. Clubs or individual players that were represented were Capricorn Coast, Caloundra, Deception Bay, Eildon, Ipswich, McIlwraith, Redcliffe, Rockhampton, Southport and Toowoomba. For quite a few players, from both ends of the age spectrum, this was their first time to compete at this Tournament. It is always good to welcome new players.

Group photo at Caloundra Clubhouse

The organisation by the Tournament Manager, Glenda Windust, was very good. The club members of Caloundra Mallet Sports Club ensured the courts were in tip top condition and the food supply was excellent. Just prior to the 11:00 a.m. Remembrance Day Ceremony, Vietnam veteran, Jim Northcott A.M., gave a moving speech recalling the sacrifice by so many people world wide in all wars. One hundred years since the 1918 Armistice was foremost in everyone’s consciousness.

The Capricorn Coast team that was travelling away to compete for the first time were very competitive and hopefully will be inspired to enter more Tournaments. Also the newish team, Deception Bay, gained some more experience in competitions. Two of their team – Ros Crowe and Keith Chur-Hansen were presented with their badges since they have qualified as level 2 Referees.

By the end of the teams section, there were 3 teams that had each achieved 6 wins. Then a review of the net gates scored placed Redcliffe in first place followed by the strong Southport contingent- Southport Red (2nd) and Southport White (3rd).

Redcliffe being presented with their reward by Glenda Windust, Manager of the Tournament.

Southport Red came second and the presentation was made by Howard Williams, President of Caloundra MSC

The Doubles Competition was held on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Two Blocks of four teams played off. Block A was won by Peter Sweet and Bruce McAlister. Lynne Farry and Margaret Gall had a clean sweep of Block B. In the Finals of the Gateball Doubles, Peter and Bruce won. Lynne and Margaret were 2nd and Frances Wregg and Helen Donaldson came 3rd.

Bruce McAlister and Peter Sweet were congratulated by President, Howard Williams.