Newcastle Gateball Fun Weekend

Newcastle Gateball Fun Weekend was held 1st and 2nd of April. Players from Jamberoo, Lithgow, EDSACC, Sydney and our own club participated. Teams were mixed on experience so that every team had an experienced captain as well as novice players.

Saturday was team play and Sunday was doubles with a different partner for each of the 6 games. Thank you to Penny and Margaret for refereeing most of the games.

As it was April Fools day the teams were named Jesters, Riddlers,Jokers and Clowns. A round robin was played and each team played each other twice. During the line-ups the teams were entertained with lots of jokes…Why was everyone so tired on 1 April – they had just completed a March of 31 days. A fun time was had by all.

All results can be found on Team winners by 1 point were the Jokers (Kerrie, John S, Arthur, Maggi & Sandra) with 4 wins and 15 nett points. Runners-up were the Riddlers (Judy, Helen, Philippa, John P & Chris) with 4 wins and 14 nett points.

Individual doubles on Sunday were self-refereed – no problems occurred resulting in another good day. John P was the overall winner being undefeated. Lynne was the runner-up with 5 wins and Encouragement Award went to John S.

Thank you to all players and helpers – you all helped make a wonderful fun weekend.

On Monday 3 April a coaching endorsement day was held – Gateball now has 6 more qualified Foundation Coaches (Level 1) – Penny Park, Judy Squelch, Helen Chalmers, Lynne Thomas, Philippa Rose and Kerrie Sutherland. John Park, already a level 1 coach, can now train other gateball coaches.

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New Zealand Gateball – A Sparking Success

Press Release-GroupGateball is off to a roaring start in New Zealand. The first New Zealand International Gateball Tournament was held in Takapuna, Auckland, in February. Seven teams, from Japan, Australia and New Zealand participated in the event.

The tournament was buzzing from start to finish.  Youngsters were on fire showing off their talents, with Japanese experts critiquing players’ touching, sliding and sparking.

New Zealand’s premier Black Sparks team placed 4th overall in Saturday’s Teams event; a great result.

Sunday’s Doubles event was won by two Japanese teams, with an Australian team placing third.Director of Gateball New Zealand,

Sherrill Dennerly, was beaming with the result. “The weekend was a great success! It was great exposure for the growth of gateball in New Zealand.”

Teams Event:

1st Place: Japan
2nd Place: Australia
3rd Place: Japan
4th Place: New Zealand

 Doubles Event:

1st Place: Japan
2nd Place: Japan
3rd Place: Australia
4th Place: New Zealand

Full results can be viewed at Gateball Scores

All players are encouraged to try gateball. Gateball is played on Sundays in Takapuna, with a venue in Epsom opening later this year. No invitation is necessary to attend Sunday games.

For more information, contact:
Sherrill Dennerly
Director, Gateball NZ

Ph. 09 3769445

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Hot Stuff in Lithgow

Lithgow’s second gateball tournament certainly smashed a few records. We found ourselves facing a weekend predicted to be the hottest since New South Wales records began, with high winds and fire danger to add to the mix. These extreme conditions needed extreme solutions to ensure the tournament could go ahead, while keeping all players safe and providing a good competition.

So we set out to be flexible and ready to change the plans as required. Teams were allowed to field less than 5 players if anyone needed a rest and competing teams decided the length of breaks between games. Play finished at lunchtime. Spray bottles provided some added relief from the heat and the lawn watering system was turned on from time to time.

We welcomed 4 teams:  Jamberoo, Newcastle, Epstars and Youngroos, not forgetting our regular guest David from Queensland. Lithgow fielded two teams, with the weather-related names of Thunder and Lightning.

A round robin team competition over the two days replaced the original plan for team games, plus doubles and triples running simultaneously. And a third court was used this time on the adjacent sports field (courtesy of Lithgow City Council). The council has been very supportive of the Croquet Club and we were delighted to welcome the mayor, Cr Stephen Lesslie, who opened the tournament and struck a ball through the traditional ‘ceremonial gate’.

After day 1, scores were very close and the winners weren’t decided until the very last game on Sunday between Jamberoo and Lithgow Lightning. Out on the sports field in scorching heat and high winds, the teams battled until Lithgow Lightning edged in front and won the day.

We would like to thank all the players who braved the very exceptional conditions and played with gusto and good humour to make the competition such a success.

Full scores can be viewed on

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Maggi Williams

NSW Gateball Championships

The 2016 NSW Gateball Championships were played at Newcastle National Park Croquet Club from 1 to 4 December.

img_4491Two representatives from the World Gateball Union – Tomoe Takazawa and Kazumasa Nakamura and Tim Crakanthorp MP Newcastle officiated at the Doubles Opening Ceremony. Peter Coles Chair CNSW officiated at the opening of the Team Championship and the presentation.

The event received some great local publicity through NBN Newcastle

Friday was the Doubles with 3 blocks of 6 pairs competing.

Blue Block: winners with 4 wins (20 net pts) were Maxine Maclachlan & Trish Watts from Kew, Victoria; runners-up were Manuel & Glenda Gutierrez from Jamberoo, NSW with 3 wins (25 net pts)

White Block: winners with 5 wins (39 net pts) were John & Penny Park from Lithgow, NSW; runners-up were Takida Hidenori & Kideko Hiura from Japan with 4 wins (16 net pts)

Red Block: winners with 4 wins (36 net pts) were Glen Whitehead & Tony Hall from Canberra; runners-up were Terumi Higashi & Yoshiaki Kitaura from Japan with 4 wins (30 net pts)

Semi Final 1: John & Penny 12 were defeated by Terumi & Yoshiaki 13

Semi Final 2: Glen & Tony 18 won from Maxine & Trish 9Final: game was won on the last turn – Terumi & Yoshiaki 14 defeated Glen & Tony 12.


Saturday & Sunday was the Team Championship. 12 Teams competed – Japan, Epstars/Japan, Redcliffe Roses Qld, Kew Victoria, Canberra ACT, and from NSW – Lithgow, EDSACC, 2 from Jamberoo and 3 from the host club Newcastle. These 12 teams competed in a straight out round robin. All teams can be proud of themselves for not allowing any of their opposing teams to score 25 points.

The overall winner with 11 wins was Japan – congratulations! 2 teams had 9 wins with only 4 points separating them – Kew and Canberra – Kew placed 2nd. Well done to all teams on a fantastic weekend of friendship and competition.


And a special mention to Adrienne Fazekas – congratulations on passing the Level 2 Gateball Referee Exam

A big thank you to the host club Newcastle National Park Croquet Club – a fantastic effort and your help was appreciated by players and organisers.

Kerrie Sutherland & Judy Squelch
NSW Gateball


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Gateball in Singapore

singapore 1We visited Singapore for a few weeks in August, and were keen if possible to have some games of Gateball while we were there.  At the time we were unable to get information as to the current state of the game in Singapore, although Mr. Keith Macleod kindly gave us contact details for the person he knew some time previously as President of the Singapore Gateball Association, Mr Wong Kwai Wah.

Before leaving for our Singapore visit, we therefore contacted Mr Wong who, it transpires, still holds the office of President for the next two years.  He told us that there are a number of Gateball lawns in Singapore which are all provided, mowed and maintained free by the Singapore government as part of their policy to encourage their senior citizens to be active.  The lawns are provided with floodlights, also free, which come on when the sun sets about 7 pm.

Mr Wong arranged for us to play with the Bishan East players on a Gateball lawn in the Bishan estate in Singapore.  The Bishan East players play three times a week from 6 pm to 10 pm (to avoid the heat and humidity of the day), and they are very good players.  They were very helpful and hospitable to us.  There was no clubhouse at the lawn, but the Gateball players brought a folding table and chairs, together with a trolley of home-cooked food and drinks for the evening.  Hence, we were eating and drinking whenever we could manage a bite.

Mr. Wong himself turned up later in the evening to meet us.  He told us that he no longer actively plays Gateball due to his back injury.  He said they don’t subscribe to the World Gateball Union because the fee is too high (US$500 per annum) and they don’t get sufficient benefit from it to warrant their membership.  From our conversation with him, we have the impression that the Gateball community in Singapore is quite small, there being perhaps 18 to 20 different groups of players.  They seem to be happy enough to play among themselves without the need for international competition.

As President of the Singapore Gateball Association Mr Wong is still the contact person for Gateball Singapore.  He has said that we can refer our friends to him if they would like to play Gateball in Singapore.  His e-mail address is and he can be contacted on his mobile number +6594503347.

John and Chris Thompson

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